Abit BX 133

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Again, ABIT makes it possible! ABIT is a company at the forefront of innovation. In the past, ABIT has developed SoftMenu™, which brought jumperless technology to motherboards. ABIT was also the first company which brought the Ultra DMA/66 technology to BX motherboards. ABIT is now bringing forth the latest technological advancement for motherboards: “133 MHz for All.” In order to meet the trend of higher frequencies on PC’s, ABIT is now equipping its’ products with 133 MHz capabilities. With sp

Abit AN9 32X

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NOTE: In order to increase system stability and performance, our engineering staffs are constantly improving the BIOS menu. The BIOS setup screens and descriptions illustrated in this manual are for your reference only, may not completely match what you see on your screen. In the BIOS Setup main menu, you can see several options. We will explain these options step by step in the following pages of this chapter, but let us first see a short description of the function keys you may use here. Esc: