Model Shipways 28

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N NNNNNNo oooooo. M MM.... MMMMA AAAAAA1 1111110 0000005 5555550 000000 INSTRUCTION MANUAL WORLD WAR I FRENCH FIGHTER AIRCRAFT - 1917 NIEUPORT 28 INSTRUCTION MANUAL PREPARED BY KENNETH H. GOLDMAN SCALE: 3/4” = 1’0” (1:16) • Kit No. MA1050 Wingspan: 508 mm (20 inches) Fuselage Length: 400 mm (15-3/4 inches) HISTORY The French-built NIEUPORT 28 biplane was manufactured by the Nieuport company - Societe des Etablissements Nieuport, founded by Edouard de Nieport at Issy-les-Moulinaux in 1910. Many d

Model Shipways 2021

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Graceful, yet functional, they pulled large liners and pushed heavy barges with ease. During the 1930's, steam engines lost ground to Diesel propulsion, and by the 1960's the steam units were all but gone. A few steam tugs survive today as museum relics. Steam Towboat TAURUS Instruction Manual The Steam Towboat Taurus By Erik A. R. Ronnberg Jr., 1978 Instruction Manual Update By Ben Lankford, 1995 The Model Shipways kit is based on the tugs Betsy Ross of Philadelphia, 1903, and the Sommers N. Sm

Model Shipways 2003

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FF Technical Characteristics Scale: 5/32" = 1 ft. Overall Length: 24"; Hull Length: 15-1/2" Width: 9" (width of lower yard); Hull Beam: 4" Height: 18" (top of main mast to bottom of keel) Instructions prepared by Ben Lankford Model prototype by Bob Werner ©2006, Model Shipways, Inc. Manufactured by Model Shipways, Inc. • Hollywood, Florida Sold by Model Expo, a division of Model Shipways, Inc. • Model Shipways Kit No. 2003 HISTOR HISTORHISTORY YY During the 19th Century, many Baltimore Clippers