Ashly XR-4001

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Sometimes limiters are used on each crossover output to provide more accurate protection. Speaker Placement To obtain maximum benefit from your crossover, a correctly assembled speaker array is a necessity. Low frequency speakers should be grouped as closely together as possible and mid and high frequency drivers should be stacked vertically. This arrangement produces a tight vertical pattern, with wide horizontal dispersion free from high frequency lobing. If possible, speakers in the array sho

Ashly XR-2001

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Using unbalanced connections could result in chassis ground-loop noise. Altering the signal/chassis ground relationship in equipment connected to your MQX unit may eliminate the noise. Inputs Inputs are 20K.. active balanced, or 10K.. unbalanced. The inputs of all Ashly crossovers are in phase with the outputs. Outputs The outputs are low impedance (200.. typical) pseudo-balanced using either connector. Pseudo-balanced lines have an equivalent line impedance on both (+) and (-) lines, allowing f

Ashly XR-1001

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R-042707 All Rights Reserved Page - 2 Operator Manual – XR Series Crossovers This page intentionally left blank Copyright© 2006 – Ashly Audio Inc. Operator Manual –XR Series Crossovers Page - 3 Important Safety Instructions Safety Instructions – 3 Consignes de securite a lire attentivement Introduction – 4 The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that

Ashly XR 4OO1

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Ya que las lineas seudo-balanceadas no conducen una senal verdaderamente diferencial, poseen una impedancia de linea equivalente en ambas lineas (+) y (-). Esto permite que un cable largo sea conectado desde el crossover sin comprometer al rechazo de modo comun de ruido indeseado. Para contar con un headroom maximo, termine las salidas en cargas de 600 ohms o superiores. 6.5 Salida Monoaural de Graves Los modelos XR2001, y XR4001 de Ashly cuentan con un conector jack adicional marcado como MONO

Ashly XR 2OO1

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El nivel maximo de entrada es de +23dBu. La “U” marcada en la posicion de las 12:00 (directamente arriba) indica “ganancia unitaria” o “unity gain” de la seccion de entrada. Recomendamos colocar este control en “unity” y controlar los niveles del sistema ya sea en las etapas anteriores al crossover o con los controles de nivel de salida. 5.3 Frecuencia de Cruce Este control infinitamente variable le permite seleccionar un punto de cruce apropiado para sus altavoces. El girar esta perilla en el s

Ashly XR 1OO1

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14580-9103 Tel. (716) 872-0010 Llame sin costo: (800) 828-6308 Fax: (716) 872-0739 Internet: Manual de Operacion Crossovers Electronicos XR1001, XR2001, y XR4001 Tabla de Contenido 1 INTRODUCCION .......................................................................................... 3 2 DESEMPACADO........................................................................................... 3 3 REQUERIMIENTOS DE AC.......................................................................... 4 4 CUB

Ashly WR-5E

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Compatible products currently include Pema amplifiers, ne8800 and ne4800 system processors, the ne24.24M matrix processor, and all models of the NE multichannel (four or eight channel) power amplifiers. Additional products may become available in the future. Using Protea NE software, six function select buttons and two parameter adjust buttons are available to control a limited range of assigned functions within their host product. Up to four WR-5e units can be daisy-chained and phantom powered

Ashly WR-5

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The factory default is 1kHz, but each filter is adjustable from 20Hz to 20kHz in 1Hz steps. Carefully sweeping a narrow bandwidth filter through a problem feedback area, with just a slight boost, is a quick way to find the exact frequency causing feedback trouble. Once the offensive frequency has been found, cut the filter’s level, and then adjust the bandwidth as narrow as possible while still eliminating the feedback problem. Bandwidth is adjustable from about 1/64 octave to four octaves, and

Ashly WR-4

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The WR-4 will also allow control of the output channel volume using the two lower keys. To select an input audio source, simply press one of the six corresponding input select keys. Multiple input sources may be assigned to a single select key, and also multiple selected keys may be engaged at a given time. Select keys that are currently engaged will have their corresponding LED lit. To deselect an input source, simply press the corresponding key again. To change the output volume, simply scroll

Ashly WR-2

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For more detailed information about the proper implementation of an ethernet network, review one of the many comprehensive Ethernet networking guides available on the internet. Identify the processor in software Once the software is loaded to the computer and an Ethernet connection has been made to the NE processor, all Ashly NE products installed on that network will be automatically detected and shown in the active device listing on the left side of the Protea software startup canvas. In addit