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3. Disconnect the DC cable from the left side panel. Set the voltmeter to VDC and test for 12 to 19 VDC in pins #1 (+) and #2 (-). Replace the power supply if the voltage reading is outside the specified range. 4. Remove the bottom cover and connect the DC cable to the power connector on the left side of the frame. Locate the black and white wires on the backside of the power connector. Page 44 ELECTRICAL TROUBLESHOOTING 5. Follow the white power connector wire to the where it plugs into the mai

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To use the contact heart rate feature, place your hands around the handles so that your hands touch both the top and the bottom of the sensors. After the initial contact heart rate signal is detected, the console will enter a validation phase requiring a good heart beat signal within 10 to 15 seconds, or until the system acquires a valid signal. During the validation phase the console will not recognize telemetry heart rate signals. The console will display a beating double heart icon that has t

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