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For protection against excessive pressures and temperatures, local codes require the installation of a temperature-and-pressure (T&P) relief valve certified by a nationally recognized laboratory that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipment of materials, as meeting the requirements for Relief Valves and Automatic Gas Shutoff for Hot Water Supply Systems. ANSI Z21.22-1971. THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE TO PROTECT PROPERTY AND PERSONNEL FROM HARM WHEN THE VALVE FUNCTIONS. All

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BOX 288 STRATFORD, CT 06615 PHONE: (203) 378-2659 FAX: (203) 378-3593 INTERNET: -- IMPORTANT -- Always reference the full model number and serial number when calling the factory. WARNING / CAUTION 1. Tank is to be completely filled with water and all air is to be vented before energizing. 2. Due to the rigors of transportation, all connections should be checked for tightness before heater is placed in operation. 3. Safety relief valve must be installed in tapping provided. 4. The refractory mate

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WATER HEATER PLACEMENT 1. Place the heater on a solid foundation in a clean, dry location as near as possible to the dish washing machine. 2. The water heater should be protected from freezing and waterlines insulated to reduce energy and water waste. 3. Leave a minimum of 18” clearance for element withdrawal, if necessary. 4. Do not install in an area where flammable liquids or combustible vapors are present. PIPING INSTALLATION NOTE: The most effective means for preventing deterioration from a