Argosy Research Water Conditioning System H-125 Series

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404 Moravian Valley Road • Waunakee, Wisconsin 53597 Phone: 608-849-3050 • Fax 608-849-7398 Web: • Email: info@hellenbrand.com This owner’s manual is designed to assist owners and installers with the operation, maintenance and installation of your new water softener. It is our sincere hope that this manual is clear, concise and helpful to both owner and installer. We have included detailed instructions on general operating conditions, pre-installation and installation instructions, start-up, and

Argosy Research Twin Alternating Water Conditioning System NF 1.5" Series

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THE NF-SERIES GIVES YOU MORE 1. One control valve operates both tanks and provides better flow rates. 2. Takes less time and space to install. 3. Provides softened water 24 hours per day on demand with 1-1/2” flow meter. 4. Uses soft water to regenerate. 5. There are no time clocks to set or day pins to worry about. 6. Electricity is only used during regeneration. 7. Manufactured and tested accordingly to Water Quality AppLICATIONS Apartment Buildings Households Boiler Treatment Laundries Car Wa

Argosy Research Mobile Video HDD

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When attached to a PC, it operates as a Hi-speed USB 2.0 (or IEEE 1394 external hard disk drive), with a large capacity of disk storage. When attached to an AV device, the Mobile Video HDD lets you browse and playback your entire media library directly to your TV or Home Theater! .. The Mobile Video HDD can play back Mpeg1 (VCD), Mpeg2 (DVD) movie files, MP3 music files, Jpeg photo and graphic files, DivX/Xvid (AVI) and movie files. (GMC and Q-PEL pertaining to DivX and Xvid are not supported.)