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This will re lease the pressure on the presser foot. To increase the pressure, push down inner pin until suitable pressure is obtained. Insufficient pressure may cause poor feeding of the fabric, skipped stitches, or difficulty in guiding the fabric. If feed dogs or presser foot marks appear on the fabric, reduce the pressure. When sewing multiple thickness or heavy fabric, reduce the pressure. Increase pressure when sewing lighter weight fabrics. —15— abric. thread and needle table THREAD NEEDL

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- Need oil Puckering - Tension too tight - Sewing foot pressure too strong - Incorrect fabric, needle, and thread - Reset - Regulating sewing foot pressure - Use correct fabric, needle and thread POSIBLES PROBLEMAS DE FUNCIONAMIENTO Y SOLUCIONES Disturbio Probable causa Solución La tela no se Mueve - La máquina no cose, sólo el volante rueda - El selector de largo de puntada está en la posición “0” - Poca presión en la tela - Tire del botón de embrague - Mueva ej selector de 1-4 - Aumente la

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Normal tension settings are all marked. Complete accessory set comes with instructional video, instruction book, dust cover, oil, tweezers, thread nets, spool adapters, spool caps, thread disks, wrench, screw driver, needles, lower cutter and lint brush. “I1 J W2500 -£3- Carton Sides 11/22/05 1:46 PM Page 1 WHITE 0* ^ Model W2500 Superlock Overlock Machine Heavy Duty Differential Feed 3/4 Thread serger with differential feed Easy accessible threading Built-in rolled edge • Adjustable

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Turn over the fabric. Button sewing 2.G-7.0 Change the presser foot to the button sewing foot. I.Move the drop feed control to n^rr" to lower the feed dogs. 2. Position the work under the foot. Place the button in the desired position, lower the foot. 3. Select zig zag pattern. Adjust the stitch width to "2.0-7.0" according to the distance between the two holes of the button. 4. Turn the handwheel to check that the needle goes cleanly into the left and right hoies of the button. 5. Befor


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The required tensions depend upon stiffness and thickness of fabric, thread size and type. If necessary, readjust referring to the chart below. labrIcs Threads Light-weight Georgette Cotton Organdy Spun Lawn polyester Voile Polyester Crepe-de.chine continuous Silk No. 80-100 etc. Medium.weight Cotton Cotton Poplin Spun Gingham polyester Corduroy Polyester continuous No. 60.100 etc. Heavy.weight I)enim Cotton Tweed Spun ‘velour polyester Polyester continuous No. 50-80 etc. Needle HAX 1 No. 11 130


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down with right hand f rmly 3. Tirar ci kilo a tu’aves de Ia gaie del hue come ilustrado. Draw the thread through the thread guide Cuando enhebre is mequina de 50051db as illustrated. con las unstrucc.ories. Ia ancom superior When tnreadinig accord ng to the pass nor a guia del kilo (A) instruction, upper looper thread pass the sutemaricamenre, despaes cc retar ci n’nesd guide IA) automatically after eoiante manual. rotating nano wheel. 4 Pasar ci kilo a ti-seen de Ia dci hulo y 4. Psss the thre

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Operating the machine without the foot pedal 1. Lift the needle (R) above the presser foot (F) by turning the had wheel (K) slightly in clockwise direction (away from you.) 2. Raise the presser foot (F) by lifting up on the rear at the machine above the Presser foot bar. 3. Position fabric to be sewn under the presser foot (F) with presser foot (F) in raised position. Make certain seam direction is toward you, aligned with the presser foot (F), with seam location directly under the needle (R). 4

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Hold on to threads during the sewing of the first 3 or 4 stitches of the seam. 3. Test the machine stitch on a scrap of fabric you plan to use. The fabric should be double thickness. Adjust the machine for the length of stitch and tension suitable to your fabric. 4. Fabric should be placed under the presser foot with the bulk of the material to the left of the needle and the right edge of the material placed on the 5/8” seam marking on the needle plate when making a simple seam. 5. Run the machi


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Adjustment is necessary only when you work on very thin or very thick materials. thinner materials with less Accordingly, sew pressure and thicker materials with more pressure. presser foot by Increase the pressure of the tightening the adjustment screw. \— —11— 4-5. Thread Tension Chart ‘N.N. THREAD N TENSION N.. PATTERN’N STITCHES Left Needle II1C>IH [LJ Right Needle t>Il4I LJ Upper Looper 1II II! Lower Loope [J STITCH LENGTH CUTTING WIDTH OVERLOCK 4 4 4 4 2.5-5 mm 5-6 mm ROLLED Ffl(F — 4 A 0

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New draw material back ?■ toward you allowing the crease on turned edge of fabric 1 to fit around edge cf spoon. Hi In this manner the hem can be drawn back until 4 needle enters extreme edge of material being hemmed. Hold onto both lower and upper thread and stitch in usual manner. Page 26 Page 27 :OMBlNATION TUCKER, iDGESTITCHER AND TOP BRAIDER The attachment is fastened to machine in the same manner as the presser foot. The five slots shown in the illustration serve as guides for p