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It is expertly combined with compact and rugged form factor with superior reading performance. The F760 has set up a new standard as the best-performance solution for industry and general purpose applications. Outstanding scanning performance Incorporated with advanced optical system, the F760 provides exceptional reading performance with long reading range up to 12”. Furthermore, the F760 series performs snappy and accurate reading on various real world bar codes, including poor-printing and lo


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It comes as the top performer in its class at affordable price. The combination of compact yet durable form-factor and superior reading performance make it an ideal solution for retail and commercial applications. The Cino F680 will boost your productivity and provide a path to stay ahead of the competition. Outstanding reading performance Thanks to FuzzyScan 2.0 Imaging Technology, the F680 series is capable of reading damaged, dirty, poorly-printed and low contrast barcode labels that are comm

Cino F430

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The F430 has set up a new standard as the most perfect solution to replace traditional barcode contact-readers. Even more, it also can be granted as a cost-effective “laser-replacement” solution to meet your demand and budget at the same time. Modern Yet Rugged Design The F430 series is designed with streamlined and ergonomic form factor, not only integrating the fashion into daily work, but also providing user with maximum comfort. Robust construction withstands multiple drops from 1,5-meter