dbx Pro Visionary Design 160A

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After the classic 160 (which is still used daily in many world class studios), came the 165, the 160X and the 160XT. The 160X/XT were the models that truly became the industry standard. Solid construction, fool proof operation, great sound, at-a-glance metering and a bulletproof output stage all contributed to its popularity with musicians, recording studios, consultants and installers, and broadcast media production people alike. In updating the design, dbx has chosen to maintain all the key ch

dbx Pro Single Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer 131

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The 131 provides not only offers standard features like single-channel, 31, 1/3 octave bands, ISO frequency centers, +/- 12 dB input gain range, and switchable 50Hz/12 dB per octave low-cut filter, but also includes other insightful features. These features include 20 mm faders; selectable +/-6dB or +/-12dB boost/cut range for precise gain adjustments; XLR, and 1/4" TRS connectors for installation ease; balanced inputs and outputs for quiet operation. The visionary design of the dbx 2-Series mak

dbx Pro Dual Channel 31 231

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i i I i I I I t I I i1 I I d 111 b i III i 111 1111111 II h I m 11 ! 111 I 11 |l 11 ! II II 11 I III 111 I 111 111 I j 111111 inj 1 jll i i I imfn |m[il |M|[| I P 11111 ■ i 1111 [■ i IM I [" liipfn !T I « * * Ç Mil ¡mU ll'lj nil '■II 111! Jill [ml Mil |>|| 'Ml è il- * 4 ,| ■ n|i n[, I if1 I1 I !■ s I a I ■>] VISIONARY DESIGN With a lineage extending back to the revered 12 and 20 Series graphic equalizers, the dbx 231 easily lives up to the dbx reputation

dbx Pro DriveRack 4800

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Sandy, Utah 84070 Phone (801) 568-7660 Fax (801) 568-7662 Int’l Fax (801) 568-7583 customer@dbxpro.com A Harman International Company 18-0335 -A 4/05 ® Designed to provide incredible flexibility, sonic excellence and intuitive control for performance applications, the DriveRack® 4800 is the new flagship of the hugely successful DriveRack family. From the powerful 96 kHz DSP engine and standard analog and digital I/O, to the QVGA display and multiple control surfaces, the 4800 provides all the pr

dbx Pro DriveRack 442

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The 442 is based on the same operating system as the DriveRack® 480 and offers the user four inputs and four outputs on XLR connectors. Each channel has EQ in the form of a 9-Band Parametric or a 31-Band Graphic and Notch Filters. In addition the 442 features a filter set that can be used to create a Highpass, Lowpass or Bandpass filter. Dynamics processing is available on all channels with a Compressor/Limiter that emulates the classic dbx 160. The output section of the 442 offers delay, output

dbx Pro Advanced Feedback Suppression AFS224

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Go into the Setup mode by pressing and holding the channel 1 MODE button. 2. Hold this MODE button until the filter LEDs flash all the way across. 3. The Mode buttons should be lit a yellow or amber color. If they are not press each MODE button until they are both yellow. The filter LEDs will indicate how many total filters will be active. 4. Select how many total filters that you want active. The default of 24 is a good place to start. However, if you want to change the total # of filters, pres

dbx Pro 566

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If OverEasy. is disabled, this led indicates that the signal is above the level set by the Compressor Threshold control and that compression is occuring. The O0O led illuminates when the signal is in the OverEasy. portion of the compression curve. In this region the ratio varies as a function of signal level between 1:1 and the ratio set by the Ratio control. This led will not light when the OverEasy. function is off. The O-O led illuminates when the signal is below the level set by the Compress

dbx Pro 481 DriveRack

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The 481 DriveRack® includes all of the functionality and features of the 480 DriveRack®. The 481 incorporates 4 inputs and 8 outputs using Euroblock connectors. The 481 DriveRack® also has a streamlined front panel which makes it ideal for permanent install applications. All programming functions of the 481 DriveRack® can be performed through a 480 master, the 480R, or via the Windows GUI. By using the DriveRack® network system, up to 99 DriveRack® units can be chained together. The 481 DriveRac

dbx Pro 480

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With the introduction of the DriveRack™ , dbx Professional Products has redefined the standard by which all other loud speaker management systems will be based This manual will be your guide to understanding the full functionality of the powerful 480, 481, 482 and 480R DriveRack™ units. By combining the different components, the configuration possibilities are limitless. After you have become familiar with the unit, we encourage you to experiment and find the most effective and efficient way to

dbx Pro 266XL

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PATENTS 4,234,804 4,316,107 4,329,598 4,331,931 4,377,792 4,403,199 4,409,500 4,425,551 4,434,380 4,454,433 4,471,324 4,473,793 OTHER PATENTS PENDING PHONE: TIP RING SLEEVE XLR: PIN 1 PIN 2 PIN 3 INPUT Jacks (CHANNEL 1 and 2): Use 1/4O phone plugs or male XLR plugs to connect these inputs to your source. The 266XL’s INPUT jacks accept either balanced or unbalanced signals. Input impedance is >40k.. OUTPUT Jacks (CHANNEL 1 and 2): The OUTPUT jacks accept 1/4O balanced or unbalanced phone plugs or