BeefEater SL4000s

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Outdoor installations must conform to local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with the following: USA: National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54 CAN: B149.1 Natural Gas & Propane Installation Code. AUST: Australian Standards Code AS: 5601 as well as the requirements of any local council, gas, electricity authority or other statutory regulation. When using an LPG supply system in an enclosure, ventilation must be provided. Gas vapour is highly explosive and can cause serious bodily inj

BeefEater Gas Barbecues

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Stainless Steel Care And Cleaning After the appliance has been used, wash down the surfaces with hot soapy water. The surface of the stainless steel has a grain. Always clean along the grain of the steel. This will Australia’s Leading Barbecue Care and Maintenance BeefEater Barbecues avoid unwanted marks. Near the ocean or salt-water environment, wash regularly, rinse and then dry before covering. Covering a salt sprayed stainless steel product while still wet will allow salt deposits to form, c

BeefEater Discovery Series

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NOTE TO INSTALLER: This manual must remain with the owner for future reference. 2Safety Warnings WARNING: We want you to enjoy your barbecuing experience - Failure to follow the instructions and observe the warnings provided in this operating manual could result in serious bodily injury or damage to property. Please read these instructions completely before assembly or operation of your barbecue. NOTE TO INSTALLER: This manual must remain with the owner for future reference. For Your Safety 1. D

BeefEater Barbecue

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Gas regulators that are fitted with a hand tightening wheel should be checked to ensure that the connection is secure. 2. Check that control knobs are in the Off position. Note that when in the Off position the knob is locked for safety and can only be operated by pressing before turning. 3. Open the roasting hood fully or remove the weather cover/lid from the cooking surface before operating the barbecue. 4. Clean cooking surfaces thoroughly before use. 5. Check gas supply . Turn on gas supply