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It is heated by two elements – the grill element and an element under the floor of the oven—and has a fully variable temperature control like the main oven. To heat the oven, turn the control knob clockwise, selecting the required temperature as recommended in the Top Oven temperature chart. The indicator light will immediately come on and remain on until the oven reaches the required temperature. The light will then automatically go off and on during cooking as the oven thermostat maintains the

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1. TURN OFF THE COOKER APPLIANCE AT THE WALL SWITCH. 2. COVER THE PAN WITH A FIRE BLANKET OR DAMP CLOTH, this will smother the flames and extinguish the fire. 3. LEAVE THE PAN TO COOL FOR AT LEAST 60 MINUTES BEFORE MOVING IT. Injuries are often caused by picking up a hot pan and rushing outside with it. NEVER USE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER TO PUT OUT A PAN FIRE as the force of the extinguisher is likely to tip the pan over. Never use water to extinguish oil or fat fires. For Your Safety Never . Never l

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(b) The weight of any stuffing used should be added before calculating the cooking time. (c) Place meat/poultry in the meat pan supplied with your cooker. Small joints weighing less than 1.75kg (31/2 lbs) should be roasted in a smaller meat pan/tin -or they may be 'pot roasted' a small joint in a large meat pan causes unnecessary oven splashing and evaporation of meat juices. (d) Additional fat should not be added, except for veal, very lean meat or poultry which can either be 'larded' with fat

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We recommend not to place large preserving pans or fish kettles across two heating areas. Do not leave utensils partly covering the heated areas. Always ensure that they are placed centrally over the heated areas and have the same diameter as the heating area used. We recommend not to use a utensil with a base diameter greater than 25cm (l0ins). Pressure cookers or other large pans should be used on the front cooking areas. Always ensure that saucepan handles are positioned safely. General Infor

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Requirements 2. Never leave oil or fat unattended during the heating or cooling for Deep Fat Frying period. 3. Never heat fat or fry with a lid on the pan. 4. Always dry food thoroughly before frying, and lower it slowly into the hot oil or fat. Frozen foods in particular will cause frothing and spitting if added too quickly. 5. Always keep the outside of the pan clean and free from streaks of oil or fat. How to Deal with a 1. Do not move the pan. Fat Fire 2. Turn off the hotplate burners. 3. Sm

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For slight soiling the inner glass panel may be cleaned, while still warm, without removing it from the door. Warning: Oven must not be operated with inner door glass removed. Take care during cleaning not to damage or distort the door seals. Do not lift the door seal from the oven chassis, if necessary remove the seal by carefully unhooking the corner clips. Take care that the rating label edges are not lifted during cleaning, and furthermore that the lettering is not blurred or removed. Remove

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See the section on battery replacement. The cooker must be installed in accordance with the regulations in force and only used in a well ventilated space. Read these instructions prior to installing or using the cooker and retain them for future reference. The data badge is located below the oven door on the plinth panel. For more information on our exciting product range ring Creda Answer Centre 08701 546474 OR Visit us on the NET at http:/Our site invites you to make use of our interactive coo

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481600006 WRIGHTON Models 48165 & 48166 by Creda Double Oven Installation and Operational Instruction Book CD (D°dD WRIGHTON You must read these instructions prior to using the appliance and retain them for future reference. Contents Introduction 3 For Your Safety - Always 4 For Your Safety - Never 5 Product Specification 6 Know your Oven 7 Oven Timer Operation/Hints On Auto Cooking 8 Oven Timer Operation 9 Main Oven - Circulaire 10 Temperature Conversion Scale 11 Main Oven Co

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* The guarantee is subject to the provisions that the appliance: (a) Has been used solely in accordance with the Users Instruction Book. (b) Has been properly connected to a suitable supply voltage and gas supply as stated on the rating plate attached to this equipment. (c) Has not been subjected to misuse or accident or been modified or repaired by any person other than the authorised employee or agent. (d) Has been correctly installed. 3 FP089-01 Creda Gas Hob (W810) 12/09/2001 5:02 pm Page 4

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Hold, slide across and pull to remove. I t is impor tant the transit bolt and spacer come out intact (see pic). For safet y, replace both plastic covers over the holes lef t by removing the two bolts. Dispensing Powder Detergent To achieve the best wash results the manufacturer’s recommended amount of detergent should be measured and added to the main detergent compartment (II symbol) (max. 400ml). Dispensing Liquid Detergent We recommend the use of a detergent dosing ball, as provided by your d