Fostex XR-7

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FULLY 1NSERT. ATTENTION: POUR ÉVITER LES CHOCS ÉLECTRIQUES. INTRODUIRE LA LAME LA PLUS LARGE DE LA FICHE DANS LA BORNE CORRESPONDANTE DE LA PRISE ET POUSSER JUSQ’ AU FOND. f The lightning flash with the arrowhead symbol, wiihin an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage’ wiihin the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. The exclamation point within an equilateral

Fostex XR-3

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In this way, you can avoid damage to the connected devices. When you are connecting or removing the cables from the inputs or outputs ofthe XR-3, first make sure that the level of the input faders or volume controls of the connected channels is set to "0." • Even when you turn the power svyitch off (STANDBY) while the AC adaptor is connected, a small current always flows through the AC adaptor. Therefore, be sure to remove the AC adaptor when you are not going use the XR-3 for an extended peri

Fostex X-77

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The signal adjusted by these knobs and [AUX SEND] master knob can be sent to an external device, such as an effect unit. AUX 1; Send ttie signal to the [AUX SEND 1] jack. AUX 2: Send the signal to the [AUX SEND 2] jack. 0: The signal is not sent to either output. (7) AUX send select switches [AUX SEL] These switches select the signal to be sent to AUX send. CH: The signal from the [INPUT] fader will be sent to AUX send. FB: The signal from [FB] will be senl lo AUX send. CD Parametri

Fostex X-55

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All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel. Introduction Thank you for purchasing the Fostex X-55. The X-55 is a multitrack recorder with four inputs (two of which accept mic signals and can be specified as balanced or unbalanced inputs), a multi-function mixer, and a high-quality high-speed (9.5 cm/s) four-track cassette recorder. The X-55 allows you to create multi-track recordings using techniques such as track bouncing, punching in and out by footswitch, and usi

Fostex X-30

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Let’s assume we have finished recording on tracks 1 ~3 in Step 1. Now, if another sound (vocal) is recorded on track 4 by the method in the Basic Operation, you will not be able to record any other sound source. Therefore, if you should utilize the remix feature of the X-30 to mix tracks 1 - 3, you will be able to make a new recording (Step 2). This technique is called “Ping-pong recording.” It is literally bouncing sound between tracks of this recorder. Next, tracks 1 and 2 are combined and rec

Fostex X-28H

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Since the AUX SEND signal is mono, the tape tracks will all be heard in the center of the stereo image. — General Suggestions — • Record and mix at relatively low sound levels. The longer your recording or mixdown session, the less accurate your hearing will be. Listening to playback at high volume for even short periods of time reduces your ability to hear high frequencies. The less high frequencies you hear, the more you tend to boost them, until you have a recording that is all highs. If yo

Fostex X-14

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(Use the output volume on the bass so that the level is not too high.) Use the LINE OUT knob to adjust the headphone volume to an appropriate level. 4. After you set the recording level, play back the tape from the [000] point and rehearse your bass accompanying the drum machine recording on Track 1. Use the Playback fader 1 and the Playback PAN knob 1 to adjust the monitoring level and balance of Track 1 (drum machine). 5. When you finishing the rehearsal, rewind the tape to the [000] point.

Fostex X-12

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17.Gain control knob [LINE-MIC] Adjust the gain for best S/N ratio. The output signal level from the sound sources (mic, keyboard, guitar, etc.) should be set in such a way that the output of the source should be neither too high or low. The difference can be corrected with the gain control. < Gain control rule of thumb > The gain is adjusted by rotating the [LINE-MIC] knob while watching the lighting condition of the level meter LED as the signal is input. Gain of "MIC" is obtained at full CW r

Fostex VM200

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46 Channel Layers.............................46 An Important Note About Word Clock Information . . . 48 Stopless Rotary Controls......................48 Reading the Display..........................49 The Channel Edit Function Page................49 Function Page Parameter Matrix................. 50 Lit & Flashing LED Keys.......................51 Finally...Let's Get Started!.....................52 Making Connections..........................52 Powering On.............................

Fostex VF80EX

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2. Mix the signals recorded on tracks 1 through 6 and record the mixed signal onto tracks 7 and 8. Then tracks 1 through 6 can be used to record other materials. This is the basic technique used for Multitrackers. We recommend that tracks 7 and 8 are basically used as the destination tracks of “track bounce” from tracks 1 through 6. See “Advanced Operation” for details about the track bounce technique. In addition, tracks 7 and 8 play an important role in “training mode” and “mastering mode” des