Primera Technology XR Series

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compatible with: Primera is a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association and is the world’s first manufacturer of automated disc publishers to announce support for Blu-ray Disc technology. Primera’s end-to-end architecture includes all the components you need for the most integrated and reliable systems possible: advanced hardware and software, matched supplies, and perhaps most important, local on-site installation, training and service by factory-certified technicians. Applications already impleme

Primera Technology RW-12

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No liability is assumed for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material. This document contains proprietary information that is protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. No part of this document may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated into another language without prior written consent. Trademark Acknowledgments: Primera is trademark of Primera Technology Inc. Windows is a registered trade

Primera Technology OptiVault Archival Appliance

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If you will be using the Exchange Database/ Mailbox backup feature it is important that you enter the License code when prompted setup wizard to add more license codes. License Code HXN9-HJ4M- ANAJ-2TCX In order to receive two free desktop client licenses, you must register the software. You will be prompted to register during the start up wizard. It is also important Retrospect has rights Server. You can set Retrospect to as a user with these rights or run as the logged-in user. In either case

Primera Technology Network Disc Duplication & Printing System

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From any computer that can access the XRn, open a remote desktop connection. Go to Start - All Programs - Remote Desktop Connection. Note: You may also hook up a monitor and keyboard to the XRn to gain access. If this is the case, skip to step 4. 2. In the window that appears type the name of the XRn. This information can most easily be found on the XRn itself by pressing the button at the main menu of the LCD Control Panel. The name will be in the following format: XRN-xxxxx where xxxxx equals

Primera Technology LABEL DISPENSER DX850

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THE MOTOR IS VERY POWERFUL AND THE LINER DRIVE ROLLER COULD CATCH THE CLOTHING WHILE THE LABELS ARE BEING APPLIED. Section 1: Unpacking and Setup Thank you for purchasing the DX850 Label Dispenser (hereafter referred to as "Label Dispenser"). The Label Dispenser includes a Power Cord, 12 volt Power Adapter and the parts shown in Figure 1-1. The Roll Bar, Roll Guides and Roll Drag Arm are located in the supply box along with the Power Cord. You will need to assemble them as shown in Figure 1-1 an

Primera Technology II

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• Print Quality There are four options for image quality. Keep in mind that Normal 600 provides the fastest print at lower quality while Ultra Photo 4800 delivers the best quality at a slower print speed. • PrimaColor™ Click on this Check box to enable PrimaColor color matching. The PrimaColor profiles were written specifically for the Bravo to give a precise color match when attempting to print photographic images. If you are using a third-party color management system, disable PrimaColor. • In

Primera Technology CD/DVD/BD Disc Publisher

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Primera Technology AP362

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Push down the arm approximately 1/2 inch more. Attempt to place the container back on the rollers. The goal is to easily be able to place the container, yet still have sufficient downward pressure on the container. This downward pressure is more important for smaller, lighter containers such as pill bottles. The Container Pressure Arm is optional for larger and/or heavier bottles such as wine bottles. (Figure 3-5.) Figure 3-5. AP360/362 Label Applicator 11 Section 4: Applying the Label A. Apply

Primera Technology AP360

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Roll Bar Roll Guides Label Sensor Flag Label Sensor Bracket Container Guides Container Idler Roller Container Drive Roller Container Pressure Arm Liner Idler Roller Liner Drive Roller Control Panel (AP362 only) Foot Switch Peel Edge Power Switch Power Input 12V Roll Bar Roll Guides Feed Area (under grey bar) AP360/362 Label Applicator 3 Power Cord Roll Drag Arm Power Adapter Section 2: Loading the Label Stock 1. Remove the Roll Bar and Roll Guides from the Label Applicator. The Roll Guides and R

Primera Technology Accent II 510893-021505

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If the laminate is not adhering to the hub in the same manner as the rest of the disc, you may wish to avoid laminating the center hub. To do this, lift the Tray Disc Hub Spacer from the center of the Disc Tray and rotate it slightly clockwise. Place it back into the center of the Disc Tray making certain it seats properly in the tray. 2. Repeat the test with another disc. When you are satisfied with the setting, you may want to make a note of them for future reference. You are now ready to lami