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is one of the oldest vehicle security companies in the U.S. and a wholly owned subsidiary of Iwata Electric Co. of Tokyo, Japan. Iwata has been an industry leader over 40 years, establishing a reputation for ingenuity in its engineering capability and innovative communication products. Auto Page and Iwata maintain a long tradition of providing the best value to their customers. VEHICLE SECURITY AND REMOTE START SYSTEMS See your local Auto Page retailer for complete details and demonstration J

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This feature is useful if the vehicle is being serviced or stored in an enclosed area. To disable the remote start, move the optional remote start enable toggle switch to the OFF position. Valet mode can also be used. XT-42 LCD TRANSMITTER OPERATION: LCD REMOTE CONTROL TRANSMITTER: 8 Note: If the system is interfered by stronger radio frequency around, sources of high voltage electric power or such obstacles like tall buildings and so on, the transmission range may get shorter as the system uses

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+ Silent Arming / Disarming Channel 2 (Trunk) Timer Control Pres s and Hold for 2 seconds -Car Locator Activate Remote Start or Turn Off The Remote Start Side switching button For 2nd Car Operation or Garage Door Opener Press side button first then press designated button B. ACTIVE LOCK: 1. Press button on the transmitter.. 2. The horn will chirp once and parking lights will flash once indicating that the system is now active. The vehicle doors will lock upon activating when interfaced with the