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Before use, be sure to carefully read the instructions. Read the related Drill instruction manual, too. . Be sure to wear protective goggles during work. . Be sure to wear a dust-proof mask during work. . Depending on the work environment, wear ear protectors, hardhat, working shoes, and other safety gear. . Be sure to use the specified Adaptor Kit that is dedicated to your Drill model. . Be sure to use the specified "VISROPE" connecting screws. . Ensure solid footing and hold yourself in a safe


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Muro tools provide the successful builder and contractor the ability to give their customers the advantages of screws with speed and convenience. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS ABOUT THIS OR ANY OTHER MURO TOOL, CALL US TOLL FREE AT 1800- 665-6876 Muro tools are of high quality and are easy to use, but proper operating procedures are required for maximum efficiency and satisfaction. Please take a few minutes to read the operational guide and safety instructions. WARNING: Read and understa