Williams Sound Sonata 88

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Catégorie : Synthétiseur / piano,

The combination of digital piano and electronic keyboard features let you perform perfectly. We hope this skilfully built digital piano will able to explore your creativity, and brings you unlimited happiness and music enjoyment. Before you use the piano, we recommend you to read through this manual. Please keep this instruction manual for future reference. Precautions Please read the following carefully before use: Do not expose the piano to high temperature, direct sunlight and excessively dus

Williams Sound Personal PA Receiver PPA R35N

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Catégorie : Instruments de musique

To protect your hearing and the hearing of others: 1. Make sure the volume is turned down before putting on the earphone or headphone before adjusting the volume to a comfortable level. 2. Set the volume level at the minimum setting that you need to hear. 3. Do not allow children or other unauthorized persons to have access to this product. BATTERY SAFETY & DISPOSAL CAUTION! Do not attempt to recharge disposable batteries, which may explode, release dangerous chemicals, cause burns, or other ser

Williams Sound One2One FM Tour Guide System TGS 100

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Use it in factories, museums, power plants—anywhere hearing assistance is needed. System includes one T1-216 transmitter with MIC 086 microphone, six R1-216 receivers with HED 021 headphones, belt clip cases, batteries and system carry case. System operates on 216 MHz bandwidth. Applications: • Group Tours • Destination Marketing Organizations • Cruise Ships • Tourism Offices University Tours • Large-Scale Guide PPA T1-216 Transmitter: Dimensions: 3-5/8" L x 2-3/8" W x 7/8" H (92.1 mm x 60.3 mm