Cooper Hand Tools 9448ES

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When Chime is on, the internal sounder chimes when the chime zones operate. Note that the Installer must program your chime zones. KEYPAD PA Your system may be programmed to allow you to start a Panic Alarm from the keypad (ask you Installer). If so, then press keys 1 and 3 together to start a Panic Alarm. AFTER AN ALARM To switch the bells off: Key-in your user code. The sounders will stop and the zone light(s) for the detectors that triggered the alarm will glow. Reset system: You must reset t

Cooper Hand Tools 9448

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. . English UK Operator Controls and Displays On both control panel and remote keypad the LEDs display the following functions: a Glows steadily when mains power is present. E Shows the state of the entry/exit zone. 1 - 6 Shows the state of detector zones 1 to 6. T Glows steadily if the tamper loop is broken. D Glows when the system is unset, flashes when part set. The keypad on the control panel and 9427 provide the following keys: O Used to set the panel with individual zones temporarily