Anritsu Spectrum Master MS2721A

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Coupled with a wide range of resolution bandwidth choices, you can configure the Spectrum Master to meet your most challenging measurement needs. As the spectrum becomes more and more congested, the ability to measure low level, closely spaced signals becomes more and more important not only for interference detection but also for wireless system planning. Operating convenience is of paramount important importance when equipment is used in the field. The input attenuation value can be tied to th


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Anritsu Site Master S332D

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Send a 0 (zero) following the command to set the channel power measurement in the current setup. Send a 1 (one) to set the channel power associated with the trace that was most recently uploaded by command #36, Upload Sweep Trace. If Option 6 is installed and the frequency converter module is attached, the frequencies should be scaled by the scale factor of the module. If the module is not attached, frequencies are sent in Hz. Use Control Word A203 to determine whether a module is attached and t

Anritsu Site Master S331D

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peak 01b = RMS avg 10b = neg. peak 11b = sampling mode) bits 3-4 : Amplitude Units (Log) -(00b = dBm 01b = dBV 10b = dBmV 11b = dBuV) (Linear) – 00b = Watts 01b = Volts bit 5 : Channel Power On/Off bit 6 : Adjacent Channel Power On/Off bit 7 : Units Type (0b = Log 1b = Linear) 295) Status Byte 4170 (0b = Off/Beep if data is BELOW line, 1b = On/Beep if data is ABOVE line) (LSB) bit 0 : Limit Type (0b = Single, 1b = Multiple) bit 1 : Not Used bit 2 : Single Limit On/Off bit 3 : Single Limit Beep L

Anritsu Series MS278XB

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Preset: Use this key to access the preset menu. The preset menu allows you to preset all of the instrument parameters to factory defaults. Esc: Use this key to escape a function setup or parameter entry that has been initiated, but is not desired. 0,1,2...9: Use these keys for entering numerical values. +/-: Use this key for changing a value’s numerical sign. .: Use this key for entering a decimal point. Back Space: Use this key for clearing an active entry. Enter: Use this key for entering the

Anritsu S332C

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Buyers shall prepay transportation charges for equipment returned to Anritsu for warranty repairs. Obligation is limited to the original purchaser. Anritsu is not liable for consequential damages. LIMITATION OF WARRANTY The foregoing warranty does not apply to Anritsu connectors that have failed due to normal wear. Also, the warranty does not apply to defects resulting from improper or inadequate maintenance by the Buyer, unauthorized modification or misuse, or operation outside the environmenta

Anritsu S331C

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Channel Power measurements are used to validate transmitter performance, verify compliance with FCC regulations, and keep overall system interference at a minimum. Out-of-specification power measurements indicate system faults in the power amplifier or in-filter circuits. Channel Power Measurement with the Site Master The Site Master can be used to measure CDMA signals in terms of channel power. It is necessary to use precise and specific settings to accurately measure the CDMA signal because th

Anritsu S251C

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A complete open, short, and load calibration must be performed before calibration can be turned on. Valid distance to fault plots require a non-zero frequency span. Distance-to-fault measurements cannot be performed with CAL OFF. Attempting to print a display with no printer selected. Select a printer, then retry. Attempting to perform a Power Monitor zero adjust function with no RF detector connected to the Site Master. Attempting to perform a Power Monitor zero adjust function with an input of

Anritsu S114C

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Site Master S332C ON/OFF KEY Figure 3-1. Site Master On/Off Key Chapter 3 Getting Started Select the Frequency or Distance Regardless of the calibration method used, the frequency range for the desired measurements must be set before calibrating the Site Master. The following procedure selects the frequency range for the calibration. Step 1. Press the FREQ/DIST key. Step 2. Press the F1 soft key. Step 3. Enter the desired start frequency using the key pad or the Up/Down arrow key. Step 4. Press

Anritsu S113C

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Spectrum Analyzer Mode Soft Key Labels (continued) MODE=POWER MONITOR: SOFTKEYS: UNITS REL OFFSET ZERO Figure 2-6. Power Monitor Mode Soft Key Labels Chapter 2 Functions and Operations FREQ/DIST Frequency Menu Distance Menu Distance Sub-Menu Displays the frequency and distance menu depending on the measurement mode. Provides for setting sweep frequency end points when FREQ mode is selected. Selected frequency values may be changed using the keypad or Up/Down arrow key. • F1 — Opens the F1 parame