Cuno SQC Series

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When to Replace the Sediment or Sediment/Carbon Prefilter Cartridge(s) • Every six months to one year, based upon your dealer's recommendation and knowledge of the local water conditions. • A noticeable decrease in water production is an indication that the prefilter requires changing. • Generally, private wells require more frequent sediment prefilter changes while softened feed water usually requires only yearly replacement. • Recommended maximum sediment or sediment/carbon prefilter service l

Cuno SQC Pro

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Please read each section of this manual carefully. The specific model chosen should be appropriate for the local water conditions and the customer's needs. Check the Performance Data Sheet for the performance characteristics and the conditions of use. The Water Factory Systems undercounter RO drinking water appliances are designed to connect permanently to a home plumbing system. To ensure that the installation conforms to your state and local plumbing codes, it is recommended that the installat

Cuno AP717

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Simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions inside the box to connect the Aqua-Pure Ice Maker Water Filter to your refrigerator’s incoming cold water line. You can also count on your Aqua-Pure filter to eliminate the problem of ice maker clogging and corrosion, and extend the life of your equipment. And each filter gives you up to six months of great tasting water. After 6 months, just replace the filter. So start enjoying tastier beverages today. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS • Do not install