Lyson R-38

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This does not mean that you cannot achieve accurate and predictable colour from Adobe Photoshop or many other applications. Lyson have released a selection of 'generic' printer profiles for use with the R-38 inks and a range of recommended media. These are the profiles your will find on the CD which accompanied the RCS system. Follow the instructions below to learn how to use these generic profiles, which will help you to produce excellent colour and monochrome prints. PC Operating Systems: Ri


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Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to your printer and the voiding of the CIS warranty. DISCLAIMER AsLyson RCS areselfinstalledby theuser,Lysonisnot responsibleforanydamagestoyourprinter,whetherthey areorarenot related to the Lyson RCS.Pleasecontactthestoreordealerwheretheprinterwaspurchased,ortheprinter manufacturer for any problems or questions related to the printer and its operation. If theCustomerchoosestouseinkinthesystemfromamanufacturerotherthanLyson,andisnotsatisf