Psyclone Competition Grade 26-701

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Your RadioShack USB/Gameport Digital Joystick lets you take control of the latest computer games! Its benefits include: Control Versatility — allows you to use 8 buttons, the hat switch, throttle and rudder function simultaneously. Programmable Button — allows one button press to emulate up to 32 key strokes. Lever Type Throttle and Rocking Rudder Control — lets you easily control throttle functions in many driving and flight simulation games. Joystick — allows precise control in four directions

Psyclone Competition Grade 26-447

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Using the Throttle Control The throttle control lets you adjust your aircraft or vehicle's speed without having to use your keyboard, so you can keep your eyes on the screen. Follow these steps to use the throttle control. 1. Set THROTTLE to ON. 2. Run your game software's joystick calibration program and set up for throttle use. 3. During game play, move the throttle gear stick forward to increase your speed, or backward to reduce it. Increase Speed Throttle Gear Decrease Speed Note: The thrott