TDK NB-59S-09S-0

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• Conformity to RoHS Directive: This means that, in conformity with EU Directive 2002/95/EC, lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, and specific bromine-based flame retardants, PBB and PBDE, have not been used, except for exempted applications. (1/3) Ultrasonic Nebulizer Units Incorporate Type NB Series The TDK ultrasonic humidifier unit was the first such product in the world to be developed. There is an increasing need for indoor humidification due to the proliferation of clean air heat


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The HPBA-2510 features an unprecedented combination of high efficiency, low VSWR, excellent field uniformity, and small size. These features make the TDK HPBA -2510 the best choice for immunity measurements requiring high power. Patented Design The HPBA-2510's industry-leading design provides improved impedance matching and power handling to provide true 200 V/m field intensity. The HPBA-2510 is a highly efficient radiator with a low VSWR (2.5:1 average), and its high power handling (3500W) is


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The EFG-03 generates a minimum of 500 V/m between the elements. Its capability to handle high input power and its low VSWR makes the EFG-03 a powerful and effective E-field generator. High Input Power The EFG-03 utilizes an external load that permits the field generator to handle input power up to 3500 Watts (continuous) without the use of forced air or water cooling. This makes the EFG-03 ideal for immunity test applications which require high input power, high intensity fields in a compact de


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It is capable of generating over 500 V/m over its entire operating frequency range using 2.5 kW amplifier and provides a large uniform field area, thus accommodating a very large variety of DUTs. Non-Radiating Because the EFG-02 is a nonradiating device, the electric and magnetic fields are essentially confined to the DUT area. Also, it provides extremely low VSWR over its entire operating range thus reducing stress on the amplifier. Unique Design The unique mechanical design of the EFG-02 gre


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The DAPS-01 is specifically designed for remote positioning of two antennas, both in the horizontal and vertical planes, during EMC testing. The DAPS-01 simplifies testing by allowing the user to test continuously across two antenna bandwidths without interruption. Remote Control The DAPS-01 is remotely controlled by the TDK SI-300 system interface unit. A single independent control unit is used to handle the turn axis and the polarization sense. Fiber Optic Link Remote control of the position