Imation DVD Player

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The more professional their duplicated CDs or DVDs look, the better the company or organization is portrayed. With Imation Printable CD or DVD Media—and a special inkjet or thermal printer—any organization or individual can create high-quality, custom-printed duplicates. Imation Printable CD/DVD Media can also be screen printed, offering even greater design flexibility. And non-professionals will be pleased to know that Imation Printable Media can be used with most home desktop CD or DVD printer

Imation CD & DVD Player

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Three Reasons to Buy: BE MORE PRODUCTIVE Find discs fast. Searching through dozens of pouches or shelves looking for a particular disc can be frustrating and unproductive. With Disc Stakka™ CD & DVD Manager and its bundled OpdiTracker™ software, it takes just a few seconds to locate any file and eject the disc on which it is stored. BE BETTER PROTECTED Protect valuable discs against loss or damage. Permanently losing precious software and data because of lost or damaged discs is a thing of the p