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The test can be repeated as often as desired for various protective conductor parts with the manual sequence*. Switch line voltage to test socket, start measurement Reverse mains polarity, perform measurement again Framed with dashed line: The test is only run if it has been activated in the initial program window, or in the Setup menu under Sequence ... * If it is not clear whether or not all exposed, conductive parts are connected to one another or to the protective conductor, testing can be p

Gossen MetraWatt 751

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200 T. 1 VDE N L L N SL 3 2 1 1 2 3 Feature F01 19 20 18 17 23 18 22 21 16 These operating instructions describe an instrument with firmware version 6xx. . Note Contact problems with exposed conductive parts when using the standard probe with test tip In order to assure good contact, surface coatings must be removed from devices under test with special tools at a suitable location so that the surface has a metallic shine. The tip of the test probe is not suitable for scratching away paint, becau

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The decision as to the necessity of a protective conductor test in this case is to be taken by a qualified electrician who should also assume responsibility. You can omit the protective conductor test by pressing the key as soon as the following instruction is shown: „Please connect the probe with the protective conductor of the DUT“. Protective Conductor and Insulation Resistance Measurements for Permanently Installed Devices Under Test ! Attention! Deactivate the electrical system which suppli