Accusys RAID Controller ACS-77100

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The setup process for HyperTerminal will be guided in this chapter. 5.1. Firmware updating steps 1. Ensure the ACS-77100 is turned off. 2. Connect one end of the supplied RS-232 cable to the RS-232 3pin port from the Pin2, 4, 6 of the CN8 on the ACS-77100 controller, and connect the other end to one of the host computer’s COM port. 3. Launch HyperTerminal from the host computer: Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > HyperTerminal. Note Note 4. Select COM1 or COM2 from the Connect usi

Accusys eXpeRAID

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Parameter 1 Parameter Description Shot No.: Shot No.: <1~8> Specify an existing mirror snapshot to cancel schedule. 3.3.6 Miscellaneous Commands Command Name Command Description DiskLagProof Use this command to enable or disable Disk Lag Proof mode. This mode is only effective on RAID Level 5. Parameter 1 Parameter Description Enable / Disable Disk Lag Proof mode. Command Name Command Description NCQMode Use this command to enable or disable NCQ(native command qu

Accusys ACS-61100

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4. If required enter the SMTP user name and password. 5. Click OK. Advanced Configuration Options The Options menu provides the methods for changing the details of the array. Click the required option and then click Next to proceed. a Slicing Hard drive slicing partitions the drives of an array so that it appears as a separate volume. Follow the steps below to select an array to slice or merge. 1. Select the array to slice or merge by clicking on a disk with an array number. 2. Click the slice t

Accusys ACS-61000/61010

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3. Q: The software has stopped working correctly. A: Restart the remote computer or server. If this doesn’t work, insert the Installation CD into the computer/servers CD-ROM drive, click Setup > Next > Repair > Install > Finish. 4. Q: Updating Firmware, Boot Code or Option ROM doesn’t work correctly. A: Do the following: 1) Check that the correct version is being installed eg, if, when updating the firmware the BIOS software is selected then the following message will be displayed “Command Faile