Clearaudio Version-1.4_12_03_08_E

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D-91054 Erlangen . Tel. +49(0) 1805/059595 . FAX +49(0) 09131/51683 . . info@clearaudio.de /clearaudio copyright . 2012 Version-1.2_12-09-17_E Dear clearaudio-customer, You have purchased a state-of-the-art turntable, the Ovation, a world class product of clearaudio electronic GmbH. Congratulations on your purchase! With the Ovation turntable, clearaudio made use of the OSC (Optical-Speed-Control) technology found in the Innovation turntables series by implanting it into a precision milled Panze

Clearaudio Champion

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Catégorie : Stéréo

This turntable is manufactured to the highest degree of tolerance and quality. Please take a moment to read this owner’s manual to ensure correct set up, to avoid any possible damage and to learn how proper care of your clearaudio ChampionLevel 1 turntable which will give you many years of musical enjoyment and pleasure. clearaudio electronic GmbH Contents 1. Front view 3 2. Package contents 4 3. Assembly and Operation 6 4. Speed calibration 9 5. Special instructions 9 6. Service 9 7. Technical