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Please read all safety and operating instructions carefully before installation and use, and keep these instructions handy for future reference. Take special note of all warnings listed in these instructions and on the unit. 1. Water and Moisture The unit should not be used near water. For example: near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, swimming pool or in a set basement. 2. Ventilation The unit should be situated so that its location or position does not interfere with its proper

PYLE Audio SLV5400

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Safety • Read the instructions in this manual carefully before you connect, install and use the product. • Keep this manual for future reference. • The product is for indoor use only. • Do not use the product close to water. • Do not expose the product to extreme heat. • In case of technical difficulties, do not open the product. Bring it to your Philips dealer. • Do not cover the product. • Connect the power adapters only to a 220-240 V AC/50 Hz power supply. • The product can cause interferenc

PYLE Audio PYLE Hydra Series PLCD10MR

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PLCD10MR OWNER’S MANUAL Mobile Audio System • MP3/CD Player • PLL Synthesizer Stereo Radio • Compact Disc Player • Automatic Memory Storing • Full Detachable Panel • Preset Equalization • Electronic Shockproof (ESP) Function • Auxiliary Input Function • Remote Control CONTENTS Installation ...........................................3 Take out screw before installation.........3 DIN Front-Mount (Method A) ................3 Installing the unit.................................3 Removing the unit...

PYLE Audio PYLE Chopper Series PLA-4120

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Enables the matching of input levels to the output levels from head unit (or other signal source). The input sensitivity of adjustment ranges from 6V to 200mV. crossover frequency control When crossover mode selector is in HIGHPASS mode, this control sets the lower frequency limit for audio program sent to the speakers. When crossover mode selector is in LOWPASS mode, this control sets the upper frequency limit for audio program sent to the speakers. bass boost level selector bass boost level co

PYLE Audio PYLE Chopper Series PLA-2260

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If the mounting surface is carpeted, measure the hole centers and mark with a felt tip pen. Before attempting to drill the mounting holes, take note of any wires, lines or other devices in your vehicle which may be located behind the mounting surface! Then drill pilot holes in the mounting surface for the mounting screws and insert them. Tighten the screws securely. wiring tips When making electrical connections to your amplifier, please observe the following: Use at least 8 gauge wire for power

PYLE Audio PYD728U

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ON MAC 1.Turn on the computer and PYD728U 2.Connect USB cable from port of mixer to your computer. 3.0pen SYSTEM PREFERENCES under APPLE menu. 4.Choose the SOUND icon in SYSTEM PREFERENCES. 5.Choose the OUTPUT tab in the SOUND window. 6.Select USB AUDION CODEC under CHOOSE A DEVICE FOR SOUND OUTPUT. 7. Repeat the procedure for the INPUT tab and you are ready to use PYD728U with your MAC. ..... Please complete warranty card, detach and return ..... Pyle Pro Mixer PYD7251728U -6 Owner's Manum Plac

PYLE Audio PYD725

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plug. Input Select Switches Set thaee swltchee baed on what Is plugged into PHON01JLINE1 and PHON02ILINE3. Stereo Une Inputs Let you connect most high-level audio sources, such as CD players,tape dack,tuner or VCR. USB IN/OllT Port Dual Purpose Stereo Iputs Allows you to connect the Laptop or For using a turntable wHh a magnetic desktop PCIMAC using high speed USB cartridge OR a high level Input source. ::,':.":;' :=!..:: !!l .... .. ! Ground Screw USB cable. • @ To connect ground wire from turn

PYLE Audio PYD2300U

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Please make sure Pennlta you to connect a balanced orin the proper postion b&font unbalanced low Impedance microphone PowerSupp..Plug the induded power cord into the mixer find while the power illllWitched off, then plug the AC power cord into a proper power outlet. put voltage ., ..=...•. rx=..·Xl @... -in USA-and A..A ..... @©'@.EUROPEAN .. ..".., •. •.":':.st'-. :':st @the switch operating, ----otherwise S8'V8re damage WI wHh 1/4" plug.'11 resuH not - also replacecover by the wamvrty. Pleaset

PYLE Audio PYD2200

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b _...... "'._0 _ D:J not ",*,'" pr

PYLE Audio PYD1959

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Be sure the device is ON. Using the Microphone Incorporating Voice into the Mix To blend voice from the microphones with the audio program material, first be sure the MIC/TALKOVER switch is set to the ON position. (In this position, the MIC channel is mixed into the program like any other audio input source.) Then adjust the corresponding MIC level controls to increase or decrease the microphone level (this will not affect the main volume inputs). When a microphone is not in use, set the MIC