Ei Electronics Ei420

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Read and retain carefully. If you are just installing this product the manual MUST be given to the householder. 1. Introduction The Ei420 can be used for two purposes: (1) It connects the Ei260ENRC Series Carbon Monoxide Alarms with RadioLINK Smoke Alarms and accessories. When the CO Alarm detects CO it will trigger all the other RadioLINK units and vice versa. It can also be used to connect Ei151TL, 154TL and 156TLH smoke/heat alarms to other RadioLINK units. Note: anytime the CO alarm is menti

Ei Electronics Ei174

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Therefore the user needs only one vibration pad under their pillow or mattress. Triggering Control Panel into Alarm Externally A manual fire alarm switch (e.g. a glass break type) can be used to get the control panel to turn on the vibration pad and strobe light. This is done by connecting the red and yellow wires, from the control panel, together, with the switch (or volt-free relay isolated contacts). The wires from the switch can be connected into the circuit at the pattress terminals. Note:

Ei Electronics Ei173

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Check the power switch on the control panel is on. The control panel monitors the wiring to the vibration pad and the smoke alarm pattress for faults. (i) If the vibration pad is removed or if its wiring is open circuit, the control panel will flash the strobe. (ii) If the wiring to the smoke alarm pattress is disconnected, open circuited or short circuited, the control panel will turn on the vibration pad and the strobe light. There are no user serviceable parts in this unit. If it is thought t

Ei Electronics Ei172

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The apparatus is not to be earthed, so no connection is to be made to terminals or wires marked with the letter E, the symbol or coloured green or green and yellow. Bring the low voltage wiring from the control panel to where the smoke alarm is to be located. Route all wires neatly and securely along the walls and ceilings. Note: Turning off the power switch on the Control Panel does not switch off the apparatus from the supply mains. The switch removes the AC and battery power from the Control

Ei Electronics Ei169

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For an ionisation smoke alarm, the system includes the Ei173 control panel, Ei174 vibrating pad and Ei151TL ionisation smoke alarm (with Ei172 pattress) and has the part number Ei170. For an optical smoke alarm version the Ei151TL is replaced with an Ei156TL optical smoke alarm, and the part number is Ei171 The Ei173 control panel includes a high intensity Xenon strobe, a sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery for standby use in the event of mains failure and all the required circuitry to connect

Ei Electronics Ei166RC

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• Rehearse emergency escape plans so everyone at home knows what to do in case the alarm sounds. Further information can be obtained from the Home Office Publication or from your local fire prevention officer. • To maintain sensitivity to smoke, do not paint or cover the Smoke Alarm in any manner; do not permit any accumulation of cobwebs, dust or grease. • If unit has been damaged in any way or does not function properly, do not attempt a repair. Return the Alarm - see “GETTING YOUR ALARM SERVI

Ei Electronics Ei166R

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This can be used for remote test & hush or manual call points. WARNING: This pattress must only be used with one of the above smoke alarms as per these instructions - otherwise the unit will not comply with the mandatory safety regulations. Installation WARNING: First disconnect the mains from the circuit to be used. 1.Choose a mounting position following the siting instructions in the Smoke/Heat Alarm leaflet. Where the incoming wiring is on the surface of the ceiling, the appropriately siz

Ei Electronics Ei166

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Warning: Do not connect to any other type of Smoke/Heat Alarm. Doing this may damage the alarms and could result in a shock or fire damage. Note 1: An alarm with battery back-up (i.e. Ei 141,144,146,161,164,166) will continue to operate during L IC N R Y N IC L TO EASI-FIT SMOKE ALARM MOUNTING PLATE TO OTHER SMOKE/HEAT ALARMS (IF PRESENT) NEUTRAL INTERCONNECT LIVE REMOTE CONDUIT TO CONTROL PANEL Ei173 N IC L -BLUE -WHITE -BROWN -RED -YELLOW -SPARE TERMINAL Figure 1 1. Choose the mounting positio

Ei Electronics Ei164RC

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State the nature of the fault, where the Alarm was purchased and the date of purchase. 12. FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE Ei Electronics guarantees this Alarm (excluding battery in the Ei141/144/146 models) for five years from date of purchase against any defects that are due to faulty materials or workmanship. This guarantee only applies to normal conditions of use and service, and does not include damage resulting from accident, neglect, misuse, unauthorised dismantling, or contamination howsoever caused

Ei Electronics Ei161RC

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They provide up to six months of smoke alarm operation without mains power. The Ei161RC also has Remote Control capability -allowing the detector to be controlled remotely from a Control Switch (Ei1529RC). This then allows remote Test, Locate and Hush functions to be performed. If the Ei161RC is also interconnected to other Ei „RC. mains powered alarms, then the whole system can be controlled remotely. Up to twelve alarms can be interconnected which will cause all alarms to sound when one unit s