Best Fitness BFUB1

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Rotate the Rear Leg End Cap knob clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust the level of the bike. SETTING UP YOUR BFUB1 Insert two AA batteries into the console. Observe polarity. To install the Console batteries (1) , remove Battery Cover (32). After battery installation, reinstall the console's Battery Cover (32). Adjust TENSION CONTROL by rotating the TENSION CONTROL knob. Rotate clockwise to increase tension. Rotate counter-clockwise to decrease tension. / CONSOLE FEATURES The cons

Best Fitness BFSB10

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112408 BeFOre YOu Begin Thank you for purchasing the Best Fitness BFSB10. This gym is part of the Best Fitness quality strength training machines, which lets you target specific muscle groups to achieve better muscle tone and overall body conditioning. To maximize your use of the equipment please study this Owner’s Manual thoroughly. Unpacking the Equipment The BFSB10 is carefully tested and inspected before Be careful to assemble all components in the shipment. We have shipped the unit in sever