CyberData VoIP Indoor Intercom 011030

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334 Support: 831-373-2601 ext. 333 Email: support@CyberData.net RMA Dept: (831) 373-2601 ext. 136 Email: RMA@CyberData.net Warranty CyberData warrants its product against defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Should the product fail within the warranty period, CyberData will repair or replace the product free of charge. This warranty includes all parts and labor. Should the product fail out-of-warranty, a flat rate repair charge of one half

CyberData SPA-9000

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Linksys—SIP Diagram © __ Internet jj IP Speaker Cable/DSL Modem 54 II — PqE Hub Router Desktop IPSpeiker | ' Computer Analog Fa* Administration Phone Computer 3.0 Setting up the Speaker for Multicast To set up the speaker for Multicast: 3.1 If you are using CyberData speakers as MGROUPS, complete step 1.1 through step 1.13. 3.2 Go to Voice => SIP and make a note of the multicast address and port number for page groups (default is, port 34567). ••""'3T3 Go to the Spea

CyberData 3CX

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In this configuration, the Intercom acts as a standalone SIP telephony device. Figure 1-1. Setup Diagram Aastra 480i CT IP Phone xxx.xxx.x.xx 3CXSystem xxx.xxx.x.xxx (default) CyberData VoIP Intercom xxx.xxx.x.xx Windows Server г tT_U NetGear EtherFast FS1G8P 10/100 8-port Pro-Safe Switch with PoE Server Setup Guide 930272B CyberData Corporation 3 2.0 Host PC Environment Table 2-1. Host PC Environment Details Description Hardware Type Windows Server Hardware Version Windows Ser

CyberData 3COM VCX PBX

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2.0 Host Environment 3.0 Test Setup Equipment Grandstream BudgeTone-100 Notes: NetGear EtherFast FS108P Fast Ethernet Switch Notes: VoIP Intercom 010935B 3.3.2 Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: 4.0 Setup Procedure 4.1 VCX Configuration Below are the steps to configure the VCX so that a CyberData Intercom is able to register with the VCX. 1.Navigate to the Central Management Console of the VCX and login as Admin. See Figure 2. 2.Click on the Site Name. 3.This takes you to the Users