Chang Yue Industrial KN-8828P

Téléchargements : 1 Taille : 2 mb    Fabricant : Chang Yue Industrial  
Catégorie : Cafetières

ROASTING WITH A PROGRAM - KN-8828P WARNING: Never leave the roaster unattended during a roast! Select a Program with which to roast as described on the previous page. If you have not yet created any additional Programs use “Program 0” which is the default Program when entering Program mode. After Selecting a program, begin the roasting process by pressing the green POWER-START button. In the display’s Message Center you will now see “Preheat.” The ther- mometer icon next to the digital temperatu

Chang Yue Industrial KN-8828B

Téléchargements : 3 Taille : 2 mb    Fabricant : Chang Yue Industrial  
Catégorie : Cafetières

BP-1-D July 29, 2007 Owner’s Manual This manual covers models KN-8828B and KN-8828P COFFEE ROASTER Model KN-8828PShown Information contained herein subject to change without notice WARNING! This device is capable of high temperatures. If used without due caution it can constitute a safety hazard. The outer surface will become hot enough to cause very serious burns and the bean roaster has the potential to ignite flammable materials on or near the roaster. The Hottop Coffee Roaster can be operate