Shure WA503

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See Figure 1. RECEIVER (TOP VIEW) FRONT FIGURE 1 2. Secure the brackets (not supplied with the WA503 kit) to the sides of the receiver with the screws removed in Step 1. See Figure 2. RECEIVER (TOP VIEW) / FRONT \ BRACKET BRACKET FIGURE 2 NOTE: There are four holes in each bracket. Use the rear holes if the receiver is to be recessed; use the front holes to mount it flush to the rack. WA503 Adapter & Cable Installation 1. Insert the WA503 adapters through the holes in each bracket, and

Shure UA860SWB

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Shure empfiehlt folgende Koaxialkabel fur die entfernte Antennenaufstellung: • Verlangerungskabel UA825 (7,6 m) • Verlangerungskabel UA850 (15,2 m) • Verlangerungskabel UA8100 (30,4 m) HINWEIS: Shure empfiehlt die Verwendung des UA830SWB Reihenverstarkers mit Eingangsempfindlichkeits-Wahlschalter, der zur Kompensation aller obigen Kabellangen eingestellt werden kann. WICHTIG: Vor der eigentlichen Verwendung immer eine Prufbegehung zum Prufen der Abdeckung durchfuhren. Verschiedene Platzierungen

Shure UA844SWB

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It also amplifies RF signals to compensate for insertion loss that results from splitting signal power to multiple outputs. A single UA844SWB system can support up to four wireless receivers. A maximum of five UA844SWB systems may be used in a two-tiered configuration. Refer to the illustration on page 11. SYSTEM COMPONENTS • Front-mounting antenna hardware • Rack-mounting hardware • External power supply • Antenna cables for receiver connections • DC power cables for receiver connections SPECIF

Shure Microphone Level Tone Generator A15TG

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The A15TG includes a recessed On-Off switch and a three-pin XLR audio connector.* A removable end cap allows easy battery installation and removal. The A15TG can also tolerate the presence of phantom power, or a short circuit in the line it is driving. Built-in short circuit protection allows normal operation to resume after a short is removed. BATTERY LIFE The A15TG can operate continuously for approximately 1000 hours on one 1.5V alkaline battery. To conserve battery power, make sure the On-

Shure M367

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USE only with a cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table 12. 2. KEEP these instructions. specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the 3. HEED all warnings. apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when 4. FOLLOW all instructions. moving the cart/apparatus combination to avoid 5. DO NOT use this apparatus near water. injury from tip-over. 6. CLEAN ONLY with dry cloth. 13. UNPLUG this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of 7. DO NOT block any ventilation openings.

Shure E4G

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WEARING THE EARPHONES Three popular methods for wearing the earphones are illustrated below. Over the ear in back Over the ear in front Straight down Tighten the cable and take up slack by raising the cable sleeve .. INSERTING THE EARPHONES If the earphone seems to be lacking in low frequency response (bass), check the tightness of the seal between the earphone and your ear, or try one of the other sleeve options. Warning: Do not push the earphone sleeve beyond the ear canal opening. Make sure t

Shure AXS58

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• To Return Audio Gain to the Factory Setting:Rotate the transmitter audio gain control counterclockwise as far as it will go (AXSGW systems), clockwise as far as it will go (AXSHW systems), or to mid position (AXS31, AXS58 and AXSLWD Systems). RECEIVER VOLUME ADJUSTMENT The volume control on the front panel of the AXR3 and AXR4N receivers can be adjusted to make the wireless system output level identical to that of a cabled guitar or bass or wired microphone. After making any necessary transmit

Shure AXS31

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Your new Access VHF Series system is designed to give you both the freedom of a wireless system and world-famous Shure sound quality. This manual covers both Single antenna and Diversity versions of the Access VHF Series systems: the AXS31/58 handheld systems; the AXSGW bodypack systems; the AXSHW Headset systems; and the AXSLWD lavalier microphone system. Wireless System Components AXS31 and AXS58 Hand-held systems for singers. AXSGW Bodypack systems for electric and bass guitarists. Can also b

Shure 27EU3222B

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1) Printed in U.S.A. english PUSH TO HEAR (PTH) INSTRUCTION O Set PTH and audio device volumes to lowest levels. © Connect earphones and audio device. © Switch PTH ON. Power LED light should be green. When LED turns red, battery is low and should be replaced. © Slowly raise the PTH volume to a comfortable level. Tapping the microphone should not cause discomfort. © Switch PTH OFF. Adjust volume on your audio device. NOTE: The Push-to-Hear module has a built-in limiter to minimize sudden