Keyspan URM-17A

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Use the Remote for iTunes withMP3 players, DVD players, audio CD players, TV tuners, presentation software and more. Upgrade Notice: You can also purchase an upgrade to your Remote for iTunes that will allow you to connect yourRemote for iTunes to an AirPort Express. This allows control iTunes wherever your AirPortExpress is located. For more details about this upgrade, please contact Keyspan for furtherinformation. Requirements • Battery: Remote Control uses two CR2025 (Lythium 3V) batteries (i

Keyspan PR-PRO3

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With RF, laser, mouse and audio controls in one sleek remote, it is an ideal tool for presenters and lecturers. Offering a range of more than 100 feet, the Presentation Remote Pro covers large meeting rooms and lecture halls -- far outdistancing other remotes in its price range. There is no software to install — just plug the receiver into the USB port on your PC or Mac and it works within seconds. MSRP: $85.99 Part #: PR-PRO3 Available June 2007 Features • RF Connectivity: The powerful 2.4

Keyspan Laptop Docking Station

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(rev 02jun20JA) Page 1 Keyspan:Mini Port Replicator for Mac OS-v2.6 User Manual 1.1 - Introduction Looking for a way to connect your serial devices to a USB port on your USB equipped Macintosh computer? The Keyspan Mini Port Replicator is a simple, inexpensive, and reliable way to make this connection. The Adapter plugs into any USB port on your Mac. It provides one DB9 serial port which can be used to connect to your Palm Organizer, PSION, Wacom tablet, and many other serial devices. Up to 8 Ke

Keyspan IP Phone

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This will create a drive icon on your desktop called WirelessUSBPhone Driver OSX 1.1.3. Open this icon and double click the WirelessUSBPhone Driver Install.pkg icon. When the installer is finished, drag the Wire-lesUSBPhone Driver OSX 1.1.3 icon to trash and eject the Keyspan CD. Step 3 Plug the USB receiver into a USB port on your computer. Step 4 Insert the batteries in the phone. Step 5 Pair the phone with the USB receiver. (Press button on the receiver, then hold the phone near the rec

Keyspan Full Face Mask 9000422 E

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009775 Edition C April 2002 (Stamp comment 100x133 ahrncic 05.05.2005 4:27:19 blank) 9000422 E (Stamp comment 100x133 ahrncic 05.05.2005 4:28:05 blank) 1 User Instructions SEA FULL FACE MASK SEA Full Face Mask, Natural Rubber Model No. FN SEA Full Face Mask, Silicone Rubber Model No. FS SEA Full Face Mask, Chloroprene Rubber Model No. FC SEA Full Face Mask Procomp Model No. FP 1. General The SEA full face mask is a panorama full view mask. It is designed to protect the respiratory system and fac

Keyspan Electronic Organ Keyrig25

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Turn on your computer. 2. Use the provided USB cable to connect KeyRig 25 to an available USB port on your computer. 3. Make sure that the power switch on the back of the controller is in the “on” position. ... KeyRig 25 is now ready to be used. NOTE: Advanced Windows XP users who plan to 1.) use the keyboard with more than one audio application at the same time, or 2.) send long SysEx (system exclusive) commands, must install special multi-client drivers. This process is described in the Key Ri