Control4 Wireless Thermostat

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Control4 V2

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Using the Control4 Media Player with the Control4 system allows you to view video files on your TV, and eliminates the need to watch them on your computer. The Control4 system already allows you to browse cover art and play back your DVD and Blu-ray™ discs from any Control4 Navigator. With the addition of the Control4 Media Player, now you can also navigate and play your video files from the same user interface. Using the Media Player Before you start to use the Control4 Media Player (C4-MP2-E),

Control4 HC-300

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The HC-300 allows users to automate their entire home, including their home theater, multi-room music, lighting, temperature, security and more. In the home theater, users are no longer tied to a coffee table cluttered with remotes. Around your home, adjust and control the lights either individually or collectively. Free your digital music collection and easily stream it to any room throughout the home. Check the status of your doors and windows, and adjust the thermostat. All this is available

Control4 C4-TSWM7-E-B

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This bright, easy-to-read touch screen provides control over all aspects of your home-automation system. Control your lights, access Internet music, check the camera in the play room or start a movie using this single, elegant interface. This Wall-Mount Touch Screen, sets a new standard in touch-screen technology, with rich color graphics, an easy-to-navigate interface and superior performance, in this cost effective solution. It's all part of the Control4 vision. We bring the benefits of a tru

Control4 C4-IPDKTT-E-B

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The Control4 Dock for iPod offers better navigation and control than existing docks, allowing you to effectively distribute music and video throughout your home. Access a single iPod or connect all of your family's iPods at the same time simply by adding more docks. Features and Benefits Smart Design • Access your music from virtually anywhere — Use any Control4 interface to control your iPod, even if it's physically docked in a different room. • Better navigation and control — Using familia

Control4 C4-HC500-E-B

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The HC-500 digitally stores the music collections of everyone in the family and delivers simultaneous audio streams over a home network. Utilizing online music recognition, the HC-500 makes managing music collections a breeze. Music can easily be selected by artist, song, genre, or even album cover art. But it doesn't stop there. The HC-500 is also the center of a complete home automation system. It's a sophisticated yet simple platform to control lighting, security, temperature and more throug

Control4 C4-HC1000-E-B

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With five times the processing power of first generation controllers, complex programming tasks and media searches happen instantaneously. The capacity and performance of the HC-1000 make it the heart of any large Control4 system. The HC-1000 is an important part of the Control4 vision of bringing Everyday Easy to more people with solutions that are affordable, easy to install and designed to adapt to any home or lifestyle. Features and Benefits Robust Design • Standard Rack Mount — Two rack

Control4 AVM-TUN1X-B

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Choose from two sources of local AM and FM stations as well as more than 100 commercial-free XM programs. With the Multi Tuner, it's as easy as the push of a button on a Control4 Touch Screen, Keypad, or System Remote Control. This versatile component simultaneously satisfies the listening needs of everyone in the house, wherever they are. It's all part of the Control4 vision. We bring the benefits of a truly automated home to more people with solutions that are affordable, easy to install and

Control4 AVM-TUN1-B

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