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• Be careful not to add too much solvent, over thinning paint makes the coating hard to control and reduces its coverage . HRO-ST3131 Page 6 Mar 8, 2004 WARNING OPERATION Follow the “Pressure Relief Procedure” before operating. If there are leaks, shut off the pump immediately and release system pressure. Follow the “Pressure Relief Procedure” then tighten connections, start the pump again and check to be sure leaking has stopped. Always use the lowest pressure necessary to get the desired resul

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with just one tool. Low maintenance costs - unmatched fluid section replacement cost Equipped with Hero Uni-tool - an all in one tool which is all you need to replace the fluid section Stainless steel piston and cylinder sleeve for corrosion resistance and longer packing life Long wear Hytrel, and Thiokol impregnated leather packings Industrial duty DC electric motor, fan cooled, and totally enclosed New Flip control prime valve for positive shut off, also serves as an emergency pressure r

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INDUSTRIES LTD. 18 1100MD OWNERS MANUAL - “B” VERSION recommendations). TROUBLESHOOTING SITUATION POSSIBLE CAUSE (REMEDY) FLUID BEING SPRAYED OUT OF TIP PULSATES, SPRAY HOSE LIES QUIET WHEN GUN TRIGGER CLOSED 1. Spray tip worn out or too large. (replace with new tip of correct size. Tip must not exceed a good condition .031 tip ). 2. Paint hose incorrect type. (replace with genuine top quality H.E.R.O. airless spray hose. Steel braided hose is not recommended ). 3. Too short a length of hose. (m

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(check, replace or reset fuse) 2. Pump under pressure. (reduce pressure setting by turning pressure control knob counter-clockwise, trigger gun to relieve pressure). 3. Too light or too long of extension cord. (replace with correct cord. If distance greater than 100 feet, obtain and install extra length of H.E.R.O. airless spray hose). 4. Unit's thermal overload switch has opened. (determine and correct cause of overheating). ELECTRIC MOTOR STALLS/QUITS 1. See "Electric Motor Won't Start/Run 2.

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See step 5* and 6*. 5. Place siphon assembly in container of correct thinner, for the spray product being used,, and prime the pump as shown in step 13, of "Spraying". *See special notes from step 4. Allow thinner to circulate back into the container for a few minutes to flush the prime valve. 6. Close prime valve. 7. Trigger gun into paint container until thinner comes through. *See special notes from step 4. Re-direct flow into waste container and continue spraying until thinner runs clear. He

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The reduction in paint consumption and drying time when spraying with HERO systems often justifies the additional step. ?? Hold the gun perpendicular to the surface being sprayed, maintain a consistent distance from the surface (approx. 6-8”/15-20cm), and spray with a smooth continuous motion. ?? Overlap strokes up to 50% to ensure proper coverage and avoid streaks. ?? Select the Needle and Fluid Tip that performs best with the trigger of the gun fully engaged. ?? When spraying odd shaped object

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Hydrapulse “B” Version. Starting with serial NEW For 1997. Hydrapulse “B” Version. Starting with serial DO NOT attempt to operate this machine until you have read and understand ALL safety precautions and operating instructions. - H.E.R.O. WARRANTY H.E.R.O. INDUSTRIES LTD., guarantees this airless pump to be free of defects in materials and workmanship to the original owner, for a period of one full year from the date of purchase. The warranty entitles the owner to parts replacement at no charge

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Hoses are constructed of seamless thermoplastic inner tube bonded to layers of high tensile synthetic reinforcement. The outer layer consists of an abrasion resistant cover. Hoses sold as a complete assembly with NSPM female swivel and spring guards on both ends. Maximum working pressure 3300PSI (228 BAR) Model # Description Model # Description 114 114 Hose, airless paint - 50’ x 1/4” 115 Hose, airless paint -25’ x 1/4” 117 Hose, airless paint - 50’ x 3/8” 117-1 Hose, airless paint - 50’, female