Laser STB-HDM2000

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Only qualified personnel can repair and maintain this product. If the electric cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or qualified after-sales personnel. Where to install the product • Place the product on a straight and stable place. • Do not place the product on carpet. • Do not place the product on top or another that may cause overheating (for example, a receiver or amplifier). • Do not place anything underneath the product (for example, CDs or magazines). Proper ventilatio

Laser SPK-S20

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There are no user serviceable parts inside. Opening these speakers may void your warranty. For technical support please visit SPECIFICATION Total Output Power: RMS 1W > RMS 0.5W Per Channel > 2" Full Range Speaker Driver > Frequency Response: 150Hz~18KHz > Magnetically Shielded > Power Indicator > Dimension: 60(W) x 85(D) x 133(H)mm SPK-S20 User Manual Please read carefully before use Csystem connection^) CONNECTING METHOD 1: Plug the USB cable in a spare USB socket on your compu

Laser SPK-Q14PBD

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Please take a few moments to read the manual thoroughly. It will explain the features and operation of your unit and help ensure a trouble free installtion. Unpacking And Installation Unpack your un t carefully.We recommend that you save the carton and packing materials in case you ever need to store your unit or if you ever need to return it for a service. To avoid damages, never place the unit near radiators, in front of heating vents,under direct sun light, or near water. Fop your safety


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• Retain all manuals and documentation for future referral. • Only use this product in a manner described in this manual. • Do not use this device in extremely hot, cold, humid, dusty or sandy environments. • Do not use this device in electrical storms or other conditions if the likely hood of lightning is possible. • Do not attempt to clean this product using liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use only a damp soft cloth to clean the surface of this device. • Extreme Care should be taken when

Laser PW-DD100W

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Introduction Thank you for purchasing the Universal Auto/Air Adapter. This adapter now makes it safe and easy to power and recharge your NOTEbook computerfrom any standard 12 Volt DC cigarette lighter while traveling by car, boat, RV. It also works in planes that have been equipped with in-flight, in-seat power receptacles. Check with your airline to determine availability. . Contents Included with this User's Guide, Auto/Air Adapter, PowerTips, in-flight Connector and in-car Connector. LED

Laser PW-AD90W

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As a default setting and before any connectors are attached, the LCD screen will show a blue backlight with default voltage settings (picture B) note: the screen may blink red on startup. 2. Refer to the supplied information for the suitable laptop connector for your use. a. Attach the connector. b. At this stage the LCD backlight is still blue and will now reflect the correct voltage per your connector choice. (Picture C and D) c. Insert connector into laptop device 4 PW-AD90W_user_manual.indd

Laser iRange SPK-IPT01

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This unit is not serviceable. Please use qualified service personnel or qualified service shops. • Do not expose the unit to rain, water or moisture • Do not place or store near liquid • Do not place unit on or near fire or sources of fire such as candles or naked flames • Keep away from heat, dust and vibrations • Place unit on a stable and level platform • Do not place any Items on top of unit • Refrain from using excessive force when using the unit buttons • Secure and Protect the pow

Laser DVBT-ST35

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Please remove the fitting carefully from the device. Do not pull at the cord to remove it. • Ensure that the ventilation holes are not blocked when using this device. Heat build up may cause this device to fail. • There are no serviceable parts in this device. Attempts to open this device by unauthorised personnel may cause further damage and void the warranty. • Picture quality will be dependant on signal quality and strength. This device may not be able to pick up all stations in all areas. Fo

Laser DVBT-MP32

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However, there may be some cases where USB 2.0 drive and SD cards will not record programs. It is highly recommend that all storage media be formatted before being used on this device. g) warning! Please do not edit, move or delete the “*.PLT” & “RECORD.TMP” files. Doing so will cause errors on playback. 13 DVBT-MP32 User Manual VIDeo fILe PLayBacK The Laser Multimedia DVB-T will support MPG, DAT, VOB and AVI files. (MPEG4ASP, Xvid, DivX 4.0/5.0) format video files. The selection below will expl

Laser DVBT-C30B

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Users restore the channels only by performing auto search. DVBT-C30B USER MANUAL Channel Information To display the channel broadcasting parameters and signal information 1. Browse the TV menu screen using the [CH+]/[CH-]/[VOL+]/[VOL-] buttons to highlight the channel information option. 2. Press [OK] button to display the channel information. 3. Press [MENU] button to exit Antenna Selection Change the option of using the inbuilt antenna or an external antenna 1. Browse the TV menu screen using