Bravo View OVR-090BL

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Doing so may cause irreversible damage to the surface of the LCD Screen. To clean off dirt or fingerprints, it is recommended that a soft, damp lens cleaning cloth be used while the unit is off. 3. Avoid installing the monitor screen in a position that is exposed to direct sunlight and any air vents. 4. Install the unit in a dry location and avoid any area where build up of condensation is possible. (Ex. Sunroof). 5. Avoid touching or pressing on the LCD screen. 6. Ensure that no foreign obj

Bravo View IND-5000BT

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Never expose this unit, amplifier, and speakers to moisture or water for preventing electric sparks or fires. Please don't change the fuse on the power cord without professional guidance, using improper fuse may cause damage to this unit or even cause fire. Please power off this unit at once and send it back to the after-sales service center or the dealer/distributor you purchased from if one of the following symptoms is found: (a). No audio output; (b). No image output; (c). Water or other obst

Bravo View B409

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2929 Vail Ave. - Commerce, CA 90040 (323) 888-4133 - FAX: (323) 888-4123 Written by: Jonathan Smith ii-B409-DW-10A The B-409 Doublewall Sump w/Bottom from S. Bravo Systems, Inc. MUST be installed by Bravo Certified Contractors. Details can be found at READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS - KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE TABLE OF CONTENTS DRY FITTING SUMP & EQUIPMENT................................p. 4 A) Installing & Securing..........................................................p. 5 Install & Test Penetration