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Remove the unused pieces from the board. Make your first move. The object, as in regular chess, is to checkmate the opposing king. SET UP To change a piece’s color, remove it, add it, or move it to another square 1) Press SET UP and the display will show the position of the white king (or press SET UP and Piece Symbol for other pieces). 2) Press the piece to change the piece to black. 3) Press the piece again to remove the piece. 4) Press any legal square to place the piece elsewhere on the boar

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Standard Deal 1, Standard Deal 3, Vegas Deal 1 or Vegas Deal 3 E) To move an ace from the suit stack to the card stack, press the SUIT STACKS button and the CARD STACKS button corresponding to the location to which you want to move. F) To move an ace from the deck to the suit stack, Press the DECK button and the SUIT button. G) To uncover the face down cards in a card stack To accumulate the scores in consecutive games ofVegas Deal 1 and 3 H) To activate the timer after you select a new gam

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3) To enter moves for both sides, press MULTI-MOVE. Press again to resume normal play (human vs. computer) H I N T When it is your move, press HINT for move suggestions (not available on some levels or during openings and certain positions). You may accept and make the move, or press CLEAR to enter a different move. Special Moves and Situations C a s t l e To enter the castling maneuver, move the King first (enter the moves by pressing the squares). Then move the Rook. There is no need to press

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This is an action-packed, fast-paced game that’s sure to entertain you and keep your blood pumping for many laps around the track. Read the manual thoroughly to ensure you understand the product. The Roush Racing trademarks and Carl Edwards name and or likeness used by authority of Roush Racing, Livonia, MI. The legendary King Arthur brandished a magic sword, Excalibur, from which we take our company name. With this unique weapon in his hands, he could not be vanquished. Although Excalibur Elect

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Installation and service must be performed by a qualifi ed installer, service agency or the gas supplier. FOR YOUR SAFETY What to do if you smell gas: Do not try to light any appliance Do not touch any electrical switch: do not use any phone in your building. Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbour's phone. Follow the gas supplier's instructions. If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fi re department. Tested by: Installer: Please complete the details on the back cover a


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Install the Batteries With Touch Chess facedown, find the battery door. Open it and insert two (2) fresh, alkaline AAA batteries in the battery holder. Note the arrangement of the batteries called for by the diagram in the holder. Make sure that the positive tip of each battery matches up with the + sign in the battery compartment so that polarity will be correct. When the batteries are properly installed, Touch Chess automatically turns on and starts talking letting you know she's ready for act

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Notes on Special Care • Avoid rough handling such as bumping and dropping • Avoid moisture and extreme temperatures. Keep away from windows, and direct sources of heat or cold, such heating, air vents or direct sunlight. • Clean using only a slightly damp cloth. Do not use cleaners with chemical a g e n t s . • When changing batteries turn unit off, and replace every battery. • When using the AC adapter, plug the cord into your computer before plugging the other end into the wall socket. 2 Table

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Then remove the panel by pulling gently from the top. Install three fresh, alkaline AAA batteries, making sure to follow the diagram in each battery slot so that the polarity (+ or -) of the batteries is correct. Replace the battery compartment panel. Play a Game Right Away After you have installed the batteries, the display will show the backgammon board with all the pips (pieces) on their starting triangles (see figure on right). The LCD will also show SidE SidESidE. This indicates you are at

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Installing Batteries Your game requires 2 AA bat-compartment. Place the batteries (not included). To in-tery compartment lid’s tabs in stall the batteries, carefully their slots and snap the comturn the game over so that the partment door back on. Replace the screw and gently top side is face-down on a tighten it. soft surface. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw. Lift off the battery compartment lid. Install the 2 AA batteries, making sure to match the polarity (+ and -) with t