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Do not use the lid as a work surface or chopping board. This could damage the glass and reduce its strength. Place pans on the centre of the burners. Position pans so the handles cannot be accidentally knocked or overhang the appliance. Lift pans on and off the pan supports. Do not slide them across the hob. • Do not leave accidental spillage on the hob or removable parts. The spillage should be wiped up and the parts washed and carefully dried as soon as the hob, pan supports and burner parts a


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HINTS AND TIPS • Arrange the shelves in the required positions before switching the oven ON. Shelf positions are counted from the bottom upwards. • When cooking more than one dish in the fan oven, place dishes centrally on different shelves rather than cluster several dishes on one shelf, this will allow the heat to circulate freely for the best cooking results. • When batch baking one type of food, e.g. Victoria sandwich cakes, those of similar size will be cooked in the same time. • It is reco


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Your safety is of paramount importance. If you are unsure about any of the meanings of these warnings contact the Customer Care Department. INSTALLATION The appliance must be installed according to the instructions supplied. The installation work must be undertaken by a qualified electrician or competent person. The appliance should be serviced by an authorised Service Engineer and only genuine approved spare parts should be used. The appliance must be installed in an adequately ventilated room.