Exido Toaster

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o To decrease the degree of browning, choose the arrow pointing downwards. The time is decreased 10 1010 by 15 seconds each time you press; the minimum setting is 15 seconds. o If you hold the buttons down, the numbers will change more rapidly. 5. Press the ON button (9) to commence toasting. The display shows how much toasting time is left in minutes and seconds. o To interrupt toasting before the time is up, press the OFF button (10). The display will then return to the most recent browning ti

Exido Stylish Cooker Hood 258-015

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660 m3 Speed: 3 Light source: 2 x10 W. halogen 2 x aluminium filters - washable Optional - recirculation by use of active carbon filter. Can be ordered seperatly product specifications: art. nr.: color: power: netto weight: 258-015 brushed stainless steel/glass 190 watt 21 kgs logistic info: bar code: qty. per export carton: 20’/40’/40’HQ cont. qty: export carton size (HxWxD): export carton gross weight: 5707442580156 1 120/250/300 920 x 440 x 520 mm 25,00 kgs

Exido Steel Series 245-035

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2000 Watt product specifications: art. no.: color: capacity: power: product meas. (HxWxD): gift box meas. (HxWxD): netto weight: gross weight: 245-035 brushed stainless steel/black 1,5 litres 2000 Watt/220-240V/50Hz 20.5x16.7x20 cm 22x18x19 cm 0.92 kg 1.12 kg logistic info: barcode: qty. per export carton: 20'/40'/40' HQ cont. qty: export carton size (HxWxD): export carton gross weight: 5707442450350 8 3520/7200/8000 45,3x39,6x37,2 cm 10 kg

Exido Raclette-grill 243-045

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nr.: color: capacity: power: voltage: product meas. (HxWxD): gift box meas. (HxWxD): netto weight: gross weight: 243-045 black 8 pers 1100 watt 230 v 52 x 23,5 x 13,3 cm 57 x 26 x 16 cm 4,75 kc 5,35 kg logistic info: bar code: qty. per export carton: 20’/40’/40’ cont. qty: export carton size (HxWxD): export carton gross weight: 5707442430451 2 980/2030/2376 pcs 58,5 x 28 x 35 cm 10,70 kg www.adexi.eu

Exido Hairdryer

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• If the hairdryer, cord or plug is damaged, the appliance must be inspected and, if necessary, repaired by an authorised repair engineer, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock. Never try to repair the appliance yourself. • Remove the plug from the socket for cleaning. • Avoid pulling the cord when removing the plug from the socket. Instead, hold the plug. • The cord must not be wound around the appliance. KEY 1. Speed selector 2. Cool shot button 3. Air concentrator 4. Finger diffuser 5.

Exido Hair Styling Set 235-027

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Temperature scale 10. Indicator light 11. Lock symbols 12. Crepe-/flat iron UK a. Ceramic plates b. Adaptor c. Lock ring USING THE APPARATUS Hair should be clean and dry when using the appliance. Fitting accessories 1. Turn the lock ring (c) until the arrow on the handle (7) is aligned with the black arrow on the lock ring. 2. Insert crepe iron/hair straightener (12), the narrow hair straightener (4) or one of the curling irons (1) in the socket in the handle and press firmly into place. 3. Turn

Exido Cordless Kettle 245-064

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The marks are on the water level gauge (5). . Close the lid by pressing the button for closing the lid (9) and make sure it clicks into place. o Caution! If the lid is not correctly closed, the appliance does not automatically switch off, once the water boils. 4. Place the kettle on its base ( ) by positioning it so the stud on the base (4) fits into the hole on the underside of the kettle. 5. Insert the plug ( ) in the mains socket and switch on the power. o Caution! If you set the on/off switc

Exido Cord Free Electrical Kettle 245-078

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Maahantuoja: Adexi Group Emme ole vastuussa mahdollisista painovirheista. INTRODUCTION To get the best out of your new appliances, please read this user guide carefully before using them for the first time. Take particular note of the safety precautions. We also recommend that you keep the instructions for future reference, so that you can remind yourself of the functions of your appliances. SAFETY MEASURES Normal use of the appliances • Incorrect use of the appliances may cause personal injury

Exido Cord Free Electrical Kettle 245-065

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For safety’s sake, check the on/off switch position before replacing the kettle on the base to avoid accidentally starting the kettle. 6. Switch on the appliance by switching the on/off button forward to "I". The on/off indicator in the water indicator lights up, when the appliance is on and heating the water. The water will boil within a few minutes, depending on the amount in the kettle. If you want to interrupt the boiling, you can do this at any time by switching the on/off button backward t

Exido Chrome Series 245-011/012

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-Packing materials and consumed products shall be left/discarded at a municipal site. -Check the label and type designation to ensure that the voltage and frequency correspond to the mains. -Make sure that the switch is switched off before the machine is plugged in to the mains. -Damage to the mains flex increases the risk for electric shock and fire. Therefore, always pull the plug out from the socket by means of the actual plug- not by the flex or the machine. Never lift the machine by the fle