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Position the dishes and cookware so that they do not get moved by the spray of water. The upper rack can be adjusted for height by putting wheels of different height into the rails. 1234651Cups2Small serving bowl3Large serving bowl4GlassesSaucers56Dish7PlatesWe recommend that you place large items which are most difficult to clean into the lower rack: pots, pans, lids, serving dishes and bowls, as shown in the figure to the right. It is preferable to place serving dishes and lids on the side of

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12 Place Settings Be sufficient for normal use. 7 Wash Programs You can choose desired program according to the soiled level. Such as, intensive wash, normal wash, economy, rinse, glass, rapid and pre-wash etc, then you can change temperature of wash. Stainless Steel Tub You need not warry about stain of tub. Rinse Aid Warning Indicator If the rinse aid are running low, there will be clearly displayed on the panel alerting you to top them up, to ensure that the machine continues to operate at op

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9 TROUBLESHOOTING The troubleshooting cheek list is common for all dishwasher models. They use different parts to accomplish the same thing and diagnosis will remain similar. When a problem arises, and a possible cause is listed, follow the test, remove or replace procedures as outline in this service manual. The wiring diagram, shematic and timer cycle chat is a necessity when making electrical checks. In most cases an ohmmeter will handle all the tests necessary. For checking any particular cy

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4. Wash out any debris or food deposits from the holes in the spray arm under running water. 5. Replace in reverse order. Stainless Steel Care -Periodically wipe the tank and door of your dishwasher with a damp cloth. Never use metal scouring pads such as Brillo® or S. O. S.® as they will scratch the stainless parts and/or leave particles that will rust. 11 Helpful Hints Problem with: Possible Cause/Cure: Too much foam in the wash solution The detergent dosage should be decreased. Detergent in u

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For a better wash, try to leave a small amount of space between plates. When loading the lower rack, ensure that the pieces are secure in their position with the soiled surfaces facing down toward the lower spray arm. Silverware & Cutlery: Place these items in the Silverware Basket located on the lower tray. When all the dishes are in place, roll the upper & lower racks back into the machine. Check to make sure that the both the upper & lower spray arms move freely by spinning them lightly with

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The use of rinse aids greatly improves drying by allowing water to drain from the dishes after the final rinse. They also keep water from forming droplets that can dry as spots or streaks. Do not use a solid or bar-type rinse aid. Filling the dispenser The rinse aid dispenser holds 5 oz (150 mL) of rinse aid. Under normal conditions, this will last for about 1 to 3 months. 1. Make sure the dishwasher door is fully open. 2. Turn the dispenser knob to “Open” and lift it out. A. Dispenser knob B. I

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LAVE-VAISSELLE ENCASTRE Guide d’utilisation et d’entretien Au Canada, pour assistance, composez le 1-800-461-5681, pour installation ou service 1-800-807-6777 ou visitez notre site web a Table of Contents/Table des matieres.............2 Model/Modele TUD6900 TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE DES MATIERES DISHWASHER SAFETY .................................................................3 Before Using Your Dishwasher....................................................4 PARTS AND FEATURES...................

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