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The system uses radio signals to link its components together. Wireless technology allows for great flexibility in locating the system’s components; only the controller and the sounders need to be located where they can be plugged into an electrical outlet. Each of the system’s components is designed to perform a specific function within the security system. The Keypad is the part of the system you will be using the most; it is used to arm and disarm the system, and to display messages about sys

DSC FM-3000

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This capability allows two or more vessels to transmit their position to each other via VHF, then record that position information as a waypoint on the VX2's plotter. Connection Diagram, 10.4" VX2 RCA I NMEA IN (+)-(§)—^-NMEAlN (-) RED NMEA In RCA Jack - White wire from Plotter to Center Conductor (+) and Black wire from plotter to Outer (-) White NMEA OUT RCA Jack - Yellow wire from Plotter to Center Conductor (+) and Green wire from plotter to outer (-) RCA NMEA OUT (+)-(§)--NMEA OUT (-