Icom iM304

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e Make sure the squelch is closed to start a r Push [SCAN] to start Priority or Normal scan. • “ ” blinks during Priority scan; “ ” blinks during Normal scan. • When a signal is detected, scan pauses until the signal disappears or resumes after pausing 5 sec. according to Set mode setting. (Channel 16 is still monitored during Priority scan.) • Push [Y] or [Z] to check the scanning TAG channels, to change the scanning direction or resume the scan manually. • A beep tone sounds and “ ” blinks at

Icom IF4023T/S

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• Never expose a detached battery case to water. If the battery case gets wet, be sure to wipe it dry before using it. NOTE: When the optional battery case is attached, the battery type must be selected to “DRY BATT” when turning the transceiver ON. (p. 10) BP-240 w 4 5 Fig.2 Fig.3 e r t 6 6 P MB-93 contents Qty. q Belt clip ……………………………………………………… 1 w Base clip …………………………………………………… 1 q w Attaching q Release the battery pack if it is attached. (p. 2) w Slide the base clip in the direction of the

Icom IF4021T/S

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Only Icom battery packs are tested and approved for use and charge radios or Icom charger. Using third-party or counterfeit battery packs or charger may cause smoke, fire, or cause battery to burst. D DDBattery caution R DANGER! DO NOT hammer or otherwise impact the battery. Do not use the battery if it has been severely impacted or dropped, or if the battery has been subjected to heavy pressure. Battery damage may not be visible on the outside of the case. Even if the surface of the battery doe

Icom IF3026T/S

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(p. 7) i FUNCTION DISPLAY (p. 6) Displays a variety of information such as an operating channel number/name, 2-tone code, DTMF numbers, selected function, etc. PANEL DESCRIPTION 2 2 o EXTERNAL MICROPHONE/SPEAKER Connect an optional speaker-NOTE: Connect or disconnect the optional after the transceiver is turned OFF. Jack cover NOTE: Attach the jack cover when the optional equipment is not used. See (p. 3) for details. ! 0 VOLUME CONTROL [VOL] Rotate to turn the power ON/OFF and adjusts the audio

Icom IF3023T/S

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The photo shows the 10-key version VHF transceiver. IMPORTANT READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS carefully and completely before using the transceiver. SAVE THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL— This instruction manual contains important for the IC-F3021T/S, IC-F3023T/S, IC-F3026T/S VHF TRANSCEIVERS and the IC-F4021T/S, IC-F4023T/S, ICF4026T/ S UHF TRANSCEIVERS. EXPLICIT DEFINITIONS WORD DEFINITION RWARNING Personal injury, fire hazard or electric shock may occur. CAUTION Equipment damage may occur. NOTE If disregarded,

Icom IF3021T/S

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Turn the power off and start over in this case. DBattery type selection The battery type must be selected battery type when turning the transceiver Ask your dealer for details. q Turn the power OFF. w While pushing and holding [Emer] and [PTT], power ON with rotating [VOL] to toggle the attaching type. • After the display appears, release [Emer] and [PTT]. • “DRY BATT” is displayed for about 3 sec. then “ L” appears when the battery case operation is selected. In this case, the transmit output p

Icom iF22SR

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FEATURES Free of user-license and applications All 8 PMR channels and Auto Scan channel are available 52 convenient CTCSS tone channels 83 convenient DTCS tone channels also available Rugged construction 500 mW (ERP) High output power Icom, Icom Inc. and the logo are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated (Japan) in the United states, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and/or other countries. 2 types of built-CTCSS; Continuous Tone Coded Squelch DTCS; Digital Tone Code

Icom IC-V82

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• One of either “C1” to “C6” blinks. e Push [ Y YY] (or [ Z ZZ]) to scroll the message. • Push [ Z ZZ] or [ Y YY] to move the cursor to left or right, respectively. r Push [.• ENT ] (or [D• CLR] ) to exit OPTION SET MODE. ¦ ¦ A GPS receiver (RS-232 output/format/4800 bps) can be connected to [DATA] jack of the IC-V82/U82 to indicate current position (Latitude and The position data can also be transmitted with a message D DD Position indication q While connected to a GPS receiver, push [A• FUNC]

Icom IC-V8

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SAFETY TRAINING INFORMATION CAUTION To ensure that your exposure to RF electromagnetic energy is within the FCC allowable limits, always adhere to the following guidelines: • DO NOT operate the radio without a proper antenna attached, as this may damage the radio and may also cause you to exceed FCC RF exposure limits. A proper antenna is the antenna supplied with this radio by the manufacturer or an antenna specifically authorized by the manufacturer for use with this radio. • DO NOT transmit f

Icom IC-U82

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Therefore, some tone frequencies interference from adjacent tone frequencies. To prevent interference from adjacent tone using the frequencies as in the following table, mended. • Recommended CTCSS frequencies (Unit: Hz) 67.0 69.3 71.9 74.4 77.0 79.7 82.5 85.4 88.5 91.5 94.8 97.4 100.0 103.5 107.2 110.9 114.8 118.8 123.0 127.3 131.8 136.5 141.3 146.2 151.4 156.7 162.2 167.9 173.8 179.9 186.2 192.8 203.5 210.7 218.1 225.7 233.6 241.8 250.3 • Recommended DTCS codes 023 051 114 143 174 251 315 371