Nagra V

Téléchargements : 3 Taille : 21 kb    Fabricant : Nagra  
Catégorie : Caméscopes

NAGRA V is a light, compact and reliable recorder manufactured to suit on-the-shoulder / on-location engineer needs. Its high quality also makes it a good alternative for music recordings. Recording Medium- The removable 2.5” hard drive allows more than 20 hours of 48 kHz 24-bit recording (for a 20 GB, price around 100 €). The hard drive drawer can simply be connected to a PC or a Mac using: USB2 / PCMCIA / Firewire adapter. They also can be plugged into a 3.5” IDE bay. Transfer is made easy,

Nagra E

Téléchargements : 4 Taille : 59 kb    Fabricant : Nagra  
Catégorie : Dictation

It is designed to be adjustable and serviceable in the field, thanks to its simple circuit design, component markings and the enclosed circuit diagram indicating test points and voltages. Furthermore, the meter can be used as a voltmeter with the internally provided test probe. A number of electronic components are enclosed for easy servicing. The machine can be powered from either an external supply (ATN-4 Order # 70 14 378 000) or internal batteries (12 D cells). Specifications THD at 400 H