Pride Mobility SERIES POWER CHAIRS Quantum 1121

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size: 20“ x 22“) Manual recliner Solid seat pan option ■ Cup holder ■ Weather cover ■ Swing-away joystick ■ Elevating leg rests DRivETRAiN 2 motor, mid-wheel drive ■ Oxygen tank holder BATTERiES Two 12 volt, NF-22 ■ Cane/crutch holder RANGE PER Charge 1 Up to 15.5 miles ■ Walker holder BATTERY CHARGER 8A, Off-board Charger ■ Rear basket AvAiLABLE ELECTRONiCS 70A, PG VSI controller 70A, PG Remote Plus controller ■ Angle-adjustable footplates wEiGHT capacity 300 lbs. maximum (user weig

Pride Mobility Quantum 614 3SP

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Temperature • Some of the parts of your power chair are susceptible to extreme changes in temperature. Always keep your power chair between the temperatures of 18°F (-8°C) and 122°F (50°C). • In extremely cold temperatures the batteries may freeze. The specific temperature at which they freeze depends on a number of factors, such as battery charge, usage, and composition of the batteries (e.g., AGM or Gel-Cell). • Temperatures above 122°F (50°C) may cause your power chair to operate at a reduced

Pride Mobility Quantum 614 3S

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Your Quantum Rehab Provider has evaluated your power chair and made any necessary adjustments to suit your specific requirements. Do not change your seating configuration without first contacting Pride Mobility Products or your Quantum Rehab Provider. WARNING! Some power chair components are heavy. You may need assistance to lift or carry them. Please refer to “Appendix I - Specifications” for specific component weights before you disassemble the power chair. WARNING! Remove the occupant from th

Pride Mobility Quantum 614 3MP

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Maintain and store your power chair in a dry and clean condition. WARNING! Prolonged exposure to hot or cold conditions may affect the temperature of upholstered and non-upholstered items on the power chair, possibly resulting in skin irritation. Exercise caution when using your power chair in extremely hot or cold conditions or when exposing your power chair to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Stationary Obstacles (Steps, Curbs, etc.) Proceed with extreme caution when driving near

Pride Mobility Quantum 614

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BLACK (-) cables must be connected to negative (-) battery terminals/posts. Protective caps should be installed over all battery terminals. REPLACE cables immediately if damaged. I I . S A F E T Y II. SAFETY Prescription Drugs/Physical Limitations Users must exercise care and common sense when operating a power chair. This includes awareness of safety issues when taking prescribed or over-the-counter drugs or when the user has specific physical limitations. WARNING! Consult your physician if you

Pride Mobility Pride Profile INFMANU2127

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. . . NOTE: Indicates important things to remember when using this product. CAUTION: Failure to heed the cautions in this manual may result in damage to your product. WARNING: Failure to heed the warnings in this manual may result in personal injury. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NOTE: Pride is not liable for damage to property or personal injury arising out of unsafe use of this product. Pride is also not liable fo

Pride Mobility Lift Chiar

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In addition, Classic Collection Lift Chairs feature patented, quiet and smooth operation and stylish designs to add to any home décor. COLLECTION 1-800-800-8586 (U.S.) 1-888-570-1113 (Canada) Prides Mobility Products Corp. Pride Lift Chats ¿(¿^xßerieaee l/e Qhhvt(-/y # *1(¿SS¿C (^COLLECTION CLASSIC COLLECTION MODELS CL-10 CL-152 CL-20 CL-3Q2 2-Position 3-Position 2-Position 3-Position Medium Medium Medium Medium Button-back Design Button-back Design Sewn Pillow-back Design Chaise Lo

Pride Mobility LEGEND CLASSIC XL-8

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• Set the speed adjustment dial to your desired speed. • Engage the appropriate side of the throttle control lever. • The electromechanical disc park brake automatically disengages and the scooter accelerates smoothly to the speed you preselected with the speed adjustment dial. • Pull on the left handgrip to steer your scooter to the left. • Pull on the right handgrip to steer your scooter to the right. • Move the tiller to the center position to drive straight ahead. • To stop, slowly release t

Pride Mobility Jazzy 610 2S

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See figure 7. 4. Flip up the seat latch safety. See figure 12. 5. Squeeze the seat latch and release the seat from the front trapeze bar. See figure 12. 6. Slide the seat forward and remove it from the power base. 7. Loosen the screws that attach the trapeze bars to the seat posts. See figure 13. 8. Remove the retaining clips that secure the seat posts to the power base. See figure 13. 9. Move the trapeze bars up or down to the desired height. V. C O M F O R T A D J U S T M E N T S V. COMFORT AD

Pride Mobility JAZZY 610

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Catharines, ON 1-800-800-8586 SAFETY GUIDELINES SAFETY GUIDELINES The symbols below are used throughout this owner's manual and on the power chair to identify warnings and important information. It is very important for you to read them and understand them completely. WARNING! Failure to follow designated procedures can cause either personal injury, component damage, or malfunction (black symbol on yellow triangle with black border). MANDATORY! These actions should be performed as specified. Fai