Attwood V-Series pump

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Les scellants contenant de l’acide acetique sentent le vinaigre. DIRECTIVES D’INSTALLATION 1. Placer l’interrupteur le plus pres possible de la pompe d’assechement. L’interrupteur ne doit jamais etre place plus bas que la pompe.Le bloc de montage de l’interrupteur doit etre de niveau avec le bloc de montage de la pompe, mais il peut etre situe 6mm (1/4 po) plus haut que celui-ci. S’il est installe avec une pompe de serie V, les pattes sur le devant de l’interrupteur peuvent s’enclencher dans les

Attwood Tsunami 69390

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If pump runs but does not pump water: 1. Check for airlock. Be sure that outlet hose runs upward to the thru-hull connector, with no dips. (Figure 1) 2. Remove pump housing from base. Remove debris from chamber and impeller. Be sure impeller is firmly attached to shaft and is not cracked or broken. (Figure 2) If pump does not run: 1. Check fuse. Be sure electrical connections and fuse are waterproof and haven’t loosened. (Figure 3) To replace motor cartridge: 1. Hold pump housing, depress motor

Attwood Tsunami 4613

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To prevent personal injury, disconnect the power source when installing or servicing this product. Always remove the boat from the water before using 120V AC power tools. DO NOT use pump to remove gasoline, oil or other flammable liquids. Always use the fuse amperage rating specified for your pump model. Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury or fire hazards. Attwood bilge pumps are designed to exhaust STANDING WATER ONLY. They are not intended to prevent rapid accumulation of

Attwood Tsunami 4612

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4. Replace base. Attach with #8 stainless steel fasteners. 5. Re-attach pump to base. Insert into base, twist clockwise until tab snaps in and prevents turning. (Figure 2) WIRING INSTRUCTIONS Make all wire connections above the highest water level. Use marine grade wire connectors only. Waterproof all connections with suitable materials. (Figure 3) NOTE: Failure to make waterproof connections and fuse pump properly will void the product warranty. Figure 3 (neg) (pos) 2-Terminal On/Off Switch Bro

Attwood Tsunami 4608

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Twist counter-clockwise and remove pump housing from base. It is not necessary to remove motor cartridge for installation. (Figure 2) Figure 2 Press Tab To Unlock Motor Cartridge ReplacementMotor Cartridge Tab UnlockLock Lock Unlock Pump Housing (3) #8 Fasteners Base Strainer 1/8" Pilot Holes 2. Use base as template to mark 3 mounting holes in mounting pad. CAUTION: Do not drill through hull. Before drilling be sure mounted pump will be correctly positioned with pump nozzle pointing toward thru-

Attwood Tsunami 4606

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Position pump in the lowest accessible part of the bilge. On sailboats, location should be centered over keel. (Figure 1) Thru-Hull Connector Hose & Clamp Hose MUST Rise Upward with NO DIPSuitable Mounting Pad Base Strainer 12" min. Above Water Line 2. Do not mount pump directly to hull. Attach base strainer to a marine plywood mounting pad that is fiberglassed to the hull. HOSE CONNECTION INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT: To prevent airlock, hose must rise continually upward to the thru-hull connector wi

Attwood S3 Series

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Halten Sieinenasen Lapen (6 bis 8 Sekunden) und unteren Sensor (siehe Abildung 3), bis die Pumpeingeschaltet von den Sensoren. Die Pumpe solte fur ANLEITUNG FUR INST ANDHAL TUNG UND W ARTUNG UbeSrcphraulftenrg Seihea ruesge lamnag.eisga dmemn erbindungen, um sicherzustelen, dasesin seiem Ew LIaNspGspeErndS.icChHt uRnAd A TTWOOD FUR TER Dieser Bilgenschalter Atwod besitzt oder www .atwoodmarine.T ensaio cno du’reannttr eceontinu Piece n . Appel rmpoaisux rie mlnau apmmo mpepres 12 4801 15A 80mA 1

Attwood Centric II

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Attwood Centric 2

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REQUIRED FOR INSTALLATION • Adjustable wrench. • 1/4" - 20 diameter stainless fasteners. Fastener types can be bolts, or thread cutting bolts. Length must be no longer than1"(25mm) longplusthe thickness of the attachment base. • Four flat and four lock washers. If installing optional 7029-1 Locking Latch: • Cordless drill and 5mm diameter drill bit. • Two (2) #68 x 3/16" tri-fold aluminum rivets with .040"-.5" grip range. WARNING Read installation instructions carefully before installing seats.

Attwood 99540-1

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This can be managed by installing a P-trap or similar device at the vent hardware mounted to the hull. Ullage must be designed into the integrated tank to allow a minimum of 5% of the tanks total volume to remain unfilled with fuel. This allows for the safe expansion of the fuel during a system increase in temperature. © Copyright 2008, Attwood Corporation. Lowell, MI.