Ramsey Electronics Walking Electronic Bug WEB1

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The right hand hole is positive; WEB1• 12 the red wire goes here. Now tape the battery pack to the top of the board using the double-sided foam tape provided. WEB1• 13 SETUP AND TESTING If you would like, you can go ahead and put the batteries in their holders and flip on the switch. The little flashing LEDs should blink, and at least one of the motors should be buzzing away. At this point you can bend the flashing LEDs in a way that you think is cute. I bent mine kind of off to the side, so the

Ramsey Electronics SS70A

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• Uses “state of the art” digital electronic filtering for superior noise free sound! Speech inversion type system - similar to SSB. • Decodes most cordless phones and basic 2-Way radio systems • Loud, amplified speaker output - no need for an external amp! • Super clean, low noise audio - excellent audio quality! • Accepts mike, line, or speaker level inputs. • Handy phono type input and output connections. • Operates on 9 to 15 volts DC. • Super easy hook-up with pushbutton “bypass” mode. Swit

Ramsey Electronics Rat Blaster RB1

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A convenient, nature friendly method of keeping animals away from where you don’t want them .. Around 4 watts of screaming high frequency audio. Inaudible to humans, but a terror to animals. .. 3 settings for different levels of coverage .. Built-in piezo high efficiency speaker .. External trigger input for use with motion sensors and other detectors. .. Operates on 9 to 15 volts DC or AC. .. LED indicator shows when unit is operating. .. Informative manual answers questions on theory, hookups

Ramsey Electronics LPY2

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LPY2 Constructed on rugged FR-4 material, it requires no tuning and has no fragile antenna elements to break or twist! Covers the entire 900 to over 2,500 MHz frequency range. Why settle for any old antenna… this little baby “compresses” the signal into a powerful beam that is 4 times more powerful in the direction you desire! • Easy hookup to your Receiver or Transmitter • Small thin size with excellent broadband performance • Solid 6 dB gain from 900 to over 2,000 MHz! • VSWR less than 2:1 - g

Ramsey Electronics Interface Board Kit IB1

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It is small enough that it can easily be hidden, yet it picks up audio as well as video! The Interface board picks up infra-red light, allowing it to be used at night or in dark places. • Quick connection to a TV or VCR • Runs from a 12 to 15 volt power supply • Great for watching the kids outside while you’re busy inside • Includes a microphone allowing audio as well as video outputs • The ultimate baby monitor! • Educational and fun to build! • Informative manual leads you through step by step

Ramsey Electronics HR20

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Cases match all Ramsey products. PARTIAL LIST OF AVAILABLE KITS RAMSEY TRANSMITTER KITS • ..FM10A, FM25B Stereo Transmitters • AM1, AM25 AM Transmitters • TV6 Television Transmitter • FM100B Professional FM Stereo Transmitter RAMSEY RECEIVER KITS • FR1 FM Broadcast Receiver • AR1 Aircraft Band Receiver • SR2 Shortwave Receiver • AA7 Active Antenna • SC1 Shortwave Converter RAMSEY HOBBY KITS • SG7 Personal Speed Radar • SS70A Speech Scrambler • MX5, MX-10 Mixers • MD3 Microwave Motion Detector •

Ramsey Electronics DIPOLE ANTENNA DA-160

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• Clear, concise instructions are just what you won’t find with other antennas. Our manual teaches you everything that you need toknow, and even points you in the right direction if you want to learnmore! • Can be set up as a typical dipole antenna, or the popular “Inverted V” configuration, for less space and excellent performance. • Build a home brew antenna... right down to the last soldering connection. • These dipoles are virtually invisible, but do not compromise performance, or signal cap

Ramsey Electronics DA-40

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You’ll also need tools such as; ladders, electrical tape, waterproof sealant, a knife, wire cutters, etc. The first thing to do is to cut the antenna wire to the correct length. The wire supplied with your kit has been cut somewhat longer than required, but there is not enough for two antennas, so be careful when you measure! The following table shows you the proper lengths to cut your antenna wires in order to tune it to the proper frequency. Please understand that the calculations that we have